We’ve Moved (Again)





On 10th March 2005 (8.25 pm) the first edition of J’accuse appeared on the internet. It was entitled “the Kinnie Generation” and was a trip into the unknown. Over two years J’accuse has garnered a little corner of faithful readers, interested observers and its fair share of critics. We look forard to many more years of blogging and hopefully increasing the role of blogging in Malta.

Today, Saturday 10th March 2007, on the occasion of it’s second anniversary this blog is moving. No further content will be posted on the blogger version of J’accuse (http://akkuza.blogspot.com). All new content will now be added on the WordPress version(https://jaccuse.wordpress.com).

We thank you for 
the over 100,000 visits since inception and hope that you will be moving with us to our new home. Do not forget to update your aggregators or subscribe by email to the new j’accuse address in the new site here.

Today, Tuesday 10th March 2009, on the occasion of it’s fourth anniversary J’accuse is moving again. The new version is hosted on our own domain http://www.jacquesrenezammit.com/jaccuse although if you look at the engine that is running it you will notice that the cogs and wheels are still wordpress. Nothing has changed contentwise… the same old formula will keep your curious taste buds titillating for some time yet!

You’ve come a long way baby!

Thank you.


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