The Malta Chronicle

This blog was created to observe, monitor and comment upon the Malta National Elections in 2008. The aim is to have as many contributors as possible bringing to the blog their different perspectives. We also hope to be able to generate a different discussion from that available on the MSM (mainstream media).

TMC will be back from January 2009 covering the EP elections in Malta.

Should you want to join the team on the Chronicle just take some time to register with wordpress ( and then send an email with your identifier to jacques dot zammit at gmail dot com.

The new address for The Malta Chronicle is


(At the time of the creation of this blog there was still a remote possibility that the elections could be held quickly after the Budget in 2007. It is now clear that the elections will be held in 2008.The authors of this blog were making a more than confident guess when they included the year 2008 in its url – url has now changed.)


2 responses to “TMC

  1. What?!!!,

    The election will PROBABLY be held in 2008?? What the hell are you stating?
    In 2008 for sure!!!

  2. Thank you martin for your comment. It should be clear that when this post was written there was a remote possibility that the elections would be held in 2007 (actually many were speculating a snap election after the budget). I hope this clarifies the issue for you and any new readers who log on to TMC.

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