Same Same but Different

Same Same but Different

Same Same but Different

I write this post here even though the statistics that I have in hand show me that the core readers of j’accuse have already made the big shift to the spanking new web page that I keep droning on about. Well, if I do not keep irritating you with reminders to add to your rss feed, who will?

Anyways. Thank you for all the feedback. I can fully sympathise with those of you like Claire Bonello Snr who did not feel at home with the new layout. Believe me when I say that as liberal as we may be we still feel reluctant to get rid of old conventions and shift to the new when it comes to blog layout. Having said that we find that one sentence normally heard in the markets of Bangkok can sum up the new look J’accuse: “Same Same but Different”. Let’s put it in big quotes coz it looks cool:

Same Same but Different.

There. Because the new J’accuse is still a blog. It still has the same sections and the same thinking cap. Navigation around the blog got a little more different. The key to getting around is thinking that the “Categories” part of the blog is being given more prominence and use. J’accuse being the Emporium of Useless and Useful Information that it is we tend to blog about everything under the sun and more and so we thought it would be ingenious to let different readers have direct access to different parts of the blog.

Let your mouse run sensually over the different headings in the title bar and you will see different section menus pop down. Thus techno geeks can zoom straight into Generation Why?, Opinion-philes and nitpickers can scoot straight to Opinion section and of course there is a section dedicated to the Indy articles. Explore the world of different sections at your leisure. If it’s real time updating that you’re after then the latest post is always featured either as the main featured article (the one with the big picture) or to the right of it (the list of three latest posts). The Hot Off the Press section lists posts and photos added with latest coming top.

Complicated? Not at all. The photogallery provides a lovely distraction from all the words and bloggorrhea. Just click on a photo snapped by yourstruly and it will magickally enlarge in your face. Loverly innit? We will also have more videos as they come along.

We are still getting the hang of it. The Bertoons seem to refuse to work in the main Featured Article page (working on that) and we are seriously contemplating advertising (as you can see from our funky promos) in order to subsidise the costs.

One last thing… we know that it is unfair to have a serious Che next to a funky Jesus in the Masthead. We are still on the lookout for a funny Che to keep funky Jesus company…. any suggestions are welcome.

Keep the feedback rolling. We love you all… and don’t forget that you can use the subscribe buttons in the top left corner of the new J’accuse… that’s Same Same but Different.


6 responses to “Same Same but Different

  1. Claire Bonello Snr ?

  2. LOL. Of course Claire… you tend to forget there is another Claire Bonello commenting on this blog every now and then 🙂

  3. Claire Bonello Jr

    Well I am loving the new blog layout. Maybe there’s a bit too much going on, but perhaps that’s because of my teensy 10-inch MSI Wind screen which causes a lot of scrolling. And perhaps I’m a bit anal when it comes to pieces of text which are not justified? But that’s just my humble opinion.

    Claire Bonello Snr – You have no idea how many times I’ve been mistaken for you. People have called me on my mobile for ‘appointments’, I’ve had e-mails requesting articles here and there, and since I go to the theatre very regularly, when I’ve booked tickets or asked about something, many times I’m mistaken for you and they add a ‘Dr’ to my name. (I’ll hopefully get the Dr in 4 years, yay!)

  4. @ Claire Bonello Junior
    And there’s another Claire Bonello – the Evangelisti TV character – the role played by Audrey Harrison.
    Hope there are no uncomfortable mix-ups and I’m sure you’ll have that doctorate soon – leading to further confusion…
    @Jacques – Be afraid, be very afraid…the Claire Bonellos of this world are going forth and commenting on your blog…

  5. Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  6. 2 of you? double the fun. 2 mad aunties. 4 cousins. yey.
    Jack I like ur new website. I like serious Che

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