the Author

Jacques is a gozitan lawyer plying his trade at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. He started blogging in 2005 and has not stopped yet.

J’accuse and the other blogs all reflect Jacques’ positive attitude towards life, the universe and anything Maltese based on taking everything in with a a slight dose of scepticism and a barrow load of humour.

Jacques spends his spare time travelling, playing French tarot and scopa, following the greatest football team on earth and eating ravenously. His main passion is anything related to the world of comedy, he believes that the building unit of the world is humour, and that work is an invention that alienates the human being from the full enjoyment of life. He cannot stand people who let politicians take them for a ride, hypocrites and any dishes involving endives.

Jacques used to share an apartment in Luxembourg with the world’s coolest cat called Xitan until she left the domus for an indeterminate period.

“j’accuse: la verite’ si je mens” has been online since x.iii.2005.

Since February 2008, J’accuse also appears as a column on The Malta Independent on Sunday.


42 responses to “the Author

  1. Astrid Vella

    Just read you piece on the Ramla project, brilliant stuff, it should be in the papers! You might also consider registering with FAA :

    Could we carry your article on our website?

    Many thanks,


  2. Is this THE Jacques Zammit?
    Not many of you around I’m sure.
    Good to see you again after so many years!
    Congrats on such a successful life, wish I was enjoying it with you!
    Love from Canada:)

  3. Well. Thank you very much Anonymous… would love to say that I am equally happy to see you but I haven’t got a clue about who you are… any hints?

  4. All I can say, it was a VERY long time ago, we were just teens, it didn’t last as long as I would have liked it too, so you probably won’t remember me anyway,however, we went our seperate ways, and stayed watching you from afar every time you made your way over to Gozo for the weekend. I missed you much. No regrets I guess:) We were so young. U rock and sound so damn smart as you always were. WIll be looking at your website once in a while to read your articles.

  5. now i’m curious… at least i know it was Gozo… the teens are a long time ago as you said… any other hints? 🙂

  6. Now what fun would it be if I told you who I was!
    I am now a married woman with 2 kids, I was a Canadian living in Gozo.
    I was just so happy to see you again, I am not a stalker by the way, I was just going through Facebook (under my someone elses account) and stumbled upon you through a friend of a friend’s list of friends. I have yet to attempt to do the Facebook thing myself. Would possibly like to stay in touch, although we have not spoken for MANY years? Do you realize if you do a google search for your name, you own the first 5 pages at least, that made me laugh as well as your title is now Dr. ! Well aren’t you just Mr. Popularity……

  7. Well. Was quite sure about the stalker bit… it’s just that my curiosity knows no bounds! 5 pages of google… now that’s a feat! Anyways. Looking forward to hearing from you on facebook ….

  8. ce blog est pas mal du tout… il mériterait simplement d’être en français, la vraie langue, la seule, l’unique. Félicitations. Bises à Madame…Amitiés françaises.

  9. Aw Jacques, bdejt nikteb blog u xtaqtek tkun taf bih, għax jaf jogħġbok…

  10. Min tal-Familja

    I remember you taking an active part in the PN. Thanks to this party your future was much more better than mine. Is this the way how to pay back that party who strived hard in the 80 to ensure a better future to our country Malta and Gozo. So please stop being selfish, now that you have achieved your dreams…. you are away from Malta living a good life in Luxemburg. We are here….. stop urging people to vote for AD. Yes a vote for AD is a vote from Fredu and in Malta we still ccan’t afford to have a prim Minister like Fredu!!!

  11. I think Min Tal-Familja is suggesting you continue voting for the PN in perpetuity as a sign of eternal gratitude. Should you decide to vote otherwise you are a grudge-bearing, selfish, stupid person – perhaps a NIMBY too. You will be allowed to rant and rave against the PN in between elections, however once elections loom you are expected to shut up (ensuring that you gain any leverage you ever had with the political party in power). If that means that the issues which you hold dear are constantly put on the backburner, then that’s the natural order of things. Perhaps Min Tal-Familja will also agree that Malta’s economic situation will crash and burn if another party except the PN comes to power? And maybe Min Tal-Familja will dismiss powerful lobby groups as inevitable whether the PN or the MLP are in power. I’m quite surprised that he hasn’t said such a situation is desirable because the people on the breadline will benefit from the business they conduct – you know – the spillover effect. It’s such a pity the people on the breadline don’t see it that way

  12. Minn tal-Familja

    Yes dear Claire4, what I am suggesting is to keep voting for PN. This is because, even though I feel like protesting too, I strongly believe that AD is still not strong enough to gather enough popular support in one district to be able to elect a representative in Parlament. Meaning that all the given votes to AD will practically serve for nothing except only to help Fredu get in power. I understand that one surely has the right to protest. However the right to protest definately does not mean ” taqta’ imniehrek biex tinki lil wiccek”.
    Unfortunately here in Malta we still do not have enough choice whom we can trust with ourvote. Perhaps in five years time, but presently only the PN can guarantee to keep us on the same track initiated in 2003 with our entry into the EU.

  13. Minn tal-Familja,
    may I please bring to your attention that it is highly unfair and pathetic to criticise someone without showing your face. How ironic it is that it is Jacques himself who authorizes your comments even if you attack him from your comfortable disguise.

    In view of the fact that both of us are unidentified, allow me the pleasure to tell you:

  14. Min tal-Familja is another one of those people who seem to know precisely what voers intentions are and how many of them intend to vote the way they will. If neither of the major parties gets an absolute majority of votes, then the government will be comprised of the parties having the most parlaimentary seats. This is how AD can get to form a coalition. Getting 2500 votes in one district is not a remote possibility and judging by the hysterically panicked attacks of many PN-affiliated media people – a probability. If you vote for a party which has not inspired confidence and which has been arrogant and corrupt you are efectively saying “yes, keep on doing it”

  15. Min tal-Familja

    I have known Jacques since he was a baby. Obviously thanks to our family close relationship. I did not attacking him as you are insinuating. I respect and admire Jacques more than you think. However I confirm my belief that Jacques during his days has benefited a lot from the situation that was created in Malta from 1987 onwards. I repeat that I never had the opportunities that Jacques had to further my education …. and this thanks to the Socialist regime we had in Malta between 1971 and 1987. I confirm also admiring Jacques having his say to support the P.N. What I said and will repeat is that people like Jacques, who have achieved what they aimed for – and this thanks to the successive Nationalist Goverments – should not now urge people to vote for a party that at the end its votes will definately be useless, but only to help Fredu gain power and ruin what has been achieved . I think highly intelligent people should know better that there are different ways to express disatisfaction.

  16. Minn tal-Familja: I have absolutely no idea who you are and therefore whether you are related to me or not. As for the “thanks to the Nationalist Government” bit, I’ll repeat it ad nauseam… the politicians are there to serve… when I chose and voted and was active with the PN I would do so because we shared the same aims and values. I have absolutely no feelings of appurtenance to any party whatsoever and I do not owe anyone anything.

    This counts for you and any other reader. At most you can say that a party carried out the tasks entrusted to it by the people wisely. Never, ever feel obliged to a party. No matter how much they make you think you should be. I am obliged to the people who voted for a new change in 87, kept voting for improving Malta in the nineties and voted for Europe. BECAUSE I am grateful to them and I want a better Malta for them I also feel that time has come for a thorough reform of our political system. If the PN choose to go down the path of powermongering then I feel neither obliged nor associated in any way with that reasoning.

    It does not make sense to flag waving supporters. But I’m afraid that these warnings will only make more sense when we vote in another 5 years of politics à la vote.


    And please guys/gals… spare me all the ca**i… don’t we have enough already as it is?

  17. And besides. This Luxembourg crap is beginning to get on my nerves. Right I’ve got a job that’s right up my sleeve. At the forefront of European Law. I earn a good pay (adjusted to the standard of living of the place… which is not exactly Malta) and on the downside I live in a country that does not like it’s foreign workers (EU workers included). If I really was so well set would I really stick my neck out and criticise? Wouldn’t it be easier and keep mum and enjoy the eurogood while I see the country’s political system go down the drain? Wouldn’t it be easy to ignore the fact that we are practically heading to another five years of voter appeasing government? I think you are confusing me with the blue eyed boys who stay mum notwithstanding the degenerating politics. Sorry, I have a conscience and an ideal… that counts ten times more than having my own children and their future to worry about… actually I don’t worry about my own but those of everybody else.

    Unfortunately the only good time to raise an awareness about our twisted political system is now. The only time voters can be made aware of the disenfranchisement and the impasse with which they are faced is in the heat of an election battle. Frankly i don’t think a coalition is a good idea… it will only backfire on AD when their “partners” do their utmost to make them look like the bad partner in the deal. But as I said. It was either discuss these issues now or wait till after the election and suggest that we discuss political reform – a presidential system, a technocratic cabinet and a parliament of mixed national and district quotas. But of course if we suggest that AFTER the election all we get is a couple of well ensonced ministers laughing in our faces while they busy themselves with Gift of Life’s business, building projects and while corruption continues to slowly seep into the corridors of those who have made it to the safe side for another five years (be it Labour or PN).

    How’s that for safeguarding your children’s future?

  18. Min tal-Familja

    Din li gejja mhux jien qed niktibha imma wiehed li sa ftit ilu kien jahsibha bhalkom! Illum dan qed jahsibha bhali!!!!

    “Għażiż Harry,
    Permezz ta’ din l-ittra jien qiegħed nirriżenja b’effett immedjat mill-Alternattiva Demokratika, kemm bħala membru kif ukoll bħala kunsillier għas-Swieqi.

    Din id-deċiżjoni qed neħodha wara ħafna ħsieb, għaliex m’għadnix naqbel mal-mod kif l-AD qed titmexxa bħala partit. Jien dħalt fl-AD għaliex verament emmint li stajt naħdem favur ċerti prinċipji. L-ewwel pass li ħadt favur dan kien fuq livell lokali. Kif taf, dan irnexxieli nagħmlu u ta’ dan jien kburi. Infakkrek li jien ġibt wieħed mill-ogħla riżultati mill-kandidati kollha fl-aħħar elezzjoni lokali fis-Swieqi.

    Imma issa li riesqa l-elezzjoni ġenerali, inħoss li l-AD biddlet l-istrateġija tagħha. Saret partit li jinteressah biss li jirbaħ xi forma ta’ poter akkost ta’ kollox, inklużi li tipperikola l-istess prinċipji li temmen fihom l-AD. Jien ma nistax nibqa’ naħdem fl-AD meta din illum saret biss strument biex jissawwat il-Prim Ministru Lawrence Gonzi u l-Partit Nazzjonalista, mingħajr ma tifhem il-konsegwenzi li din l-istrateġija tista’ ġġib fuq il-pajjiż.

    Jien qed nirriżenja mill-AD għaliex m’għadux partit li jaħdem biex jikkonvinċi bil-prinċipji tiegħu, imma jaħdem biss għall-voti ta’ partit ieħor, partikolarment tal-Partit Nazzjonalista. M’għandi xejn kontra li l-AD iżżid fil-voti, kieku ma’ kontx noħroġ mal-AD u niġi elett kif għamilt. Imma m’inix lest li nikkopera mal-AD għall-kaċċa sfrenata tal-voti tal-PN, mingħajr ma’ nagħti każ tal-konsegwenzi.

    M’inix lest li naħdem f’partit u nkun b’hekk responsabbli li ntella’ partit ieħor fil-gvern, li jerġa’ jifridna mill-Ewropa li tant l-AD stess emmnet fiha.


    Rene Rossignaud
    Kunsillier Alternattiva Swieqi”

  19. Hdimtuh hadma tajba, Tal-Familja. U tnat int gifa li ‘qas is-sinsla turi wiccek m’ghandek…

  20. Minn tal-Familja

    Sur Mark Vella,
    Nuri u ma nurix wicci mhux ser jaghmel differenza u lanqas ma ser titregga lura d-decizjoni li ha s-Sur Rossignaud.

  21. Il-mossa tas-Sur Rossignaud tikkonferma l-opportunizmu sfrenat tal-Alternattiva li akkost ta’ kollox din id-darba takkwista ftit poter akkost li titfa’ l-pajjiz f’idejn nies li bic-car jidhru li m’humiex ppreparati biex ikollhom il-gvern warajhom.
    Nibza li l-Alternattiva qed tkun wisq il-boghod mir-realta meta tahseb li jekk ittella xi deputat ser tkun tista’ tbiddel xi haga f’pajjizna. U dan kif ser taghmlu…bil-coalition li qed tghajjat biha? U din il-coalition ma min ser tkun… mela hawn xi hadd li lest jinghaqad maghha fil-gvern. Din diga ikkonfermata mill-PN. U cert li anke l-MLP jahsibha hekk…dawn jafu hafna aktar xi tfisser li tkun tiddependi minn deputat wiehed…le le lil MIntoff ma nsewhx!!!
    Issa ohra…. Dr. Cassola… tajba din, mela issa spicca mill-Gvern Taljan…ghax anke hemm hekk il-partit tieghu kien f’coalition ma ohrajn u ilkoll nafu kif spiccaw…u issa qed jipprova jidhol fil-Parlament Malti…veru kaz ta’ bniedem li jrid joqghod b’sieq hawn u bl-ohra ‘l hemm. Imma din x’serjeta hija.
    Insomma kif jghidu l-Inglizi “empty vessel make most sound” u nahseb li ta’ L-Alternattiva hekk qed jigrilhom..Le Le in-nies mhumiex hmir!

  22. Sabiha s-Sur Mark Vella. Ga nizziltni f’xi lista?

  23. Mark, with “hdimtuh hadma tajba” it is as if you know something we still don’t. Can you tell us?

  24. Min tal-Familja

    Fi stqarrija Rene’ Rossignaud, li l-bieraħ irriżenja minn membru ta’ l-AD u kunsillier f’isimha fis-Swieqi, iddikjara li mhux minnu assolutament li xi ħadd mill-PN għamel pressjoni fuqu biex jirriżenja. Rossignaud kien qed iwieġeb għal stqarrija li ħarget l-AD u li fiha allegat li hu irriżenja għax ċeda għall-pressjoni li saritlu mill-PN.

    L-eks kunsillier u eks-membru ta’ l-AD wieġeb li din mhi xejn ħlief gidba sfaċċata, u li hu ħa dan il-pass waħdu wara li rrifletta sew u fit-tul. Rossignaud qal li, għalhekk, qed jirriserva d-dritt li jieħu l-passi legali kollha biex jiddefendi ruħu minn din l-allegazzjoni

  25. Read my other post on this blog.

  26. Oh look. No sooner do i compare the PN to the mafia than a Nationalist signs off as “Min Tal-Familja”. Who’s it going to be next? Tony Soprano?

  27. Victor Laiviera

    Rossignaud was under extreme pressure from the PN, his employers (WE) and hia family.

    Is it any wonder the poor guy caved in?

  28. Jean Pierre Magro

    Aw Jack! Kif ahna?
    Someone showed me this blog… nice work… although some comments are so idiotic.
    I tend to think that we have the politicians we deserve….

    We are educated to use our brains…
    Sorry but that is the sad truth! Mediocrity is the norm in MALTA…..
    And I don’t hate my country at all…. How can you hate your mother.. but the truth is this… we are a sad lot.. and seeing the poor debates between parties is so pathetic :(((

  29. Why is it that people living beyond the pond can so clearly see our mediocrity while all of us living it carry on as if we were the inhabitants of utopia. Why does the issue of corruption not feature on the maltese radar? Why do we remain so oblivious to the gradual erosion of democracy? oh so many many whys and not a wise lip in site. Thanks for an excellent blog that comes as a singular relief from the conformist asphyxia that is our daily diet

  30. …Illum, perezempju, gew studenti mill-iskola ta’ Stella Maris (Gzira). Hadt gost li l-Kap ta’ l-iskola giet ukoll flimkien ma’ l-ghalliema tal-klassi. Kienu ppreparati sa snienhom. L-ghalliema anke ipproduciet workbook. Il-Kap ta’ l-iskola kienet tassew intiza fis-suggett. Kienet tidher mara li ghandha passat qrib in-natura. Wriet interess liema bhalu. Skoprejt li hija Ghawdxija. Omm J’accuse – Jacques Rene’ Zammit. Ghandha tibghatlu ritratt ghal fuq il-blog tieghu. Omm J’accuse kienet taf ezatt li la l-bodbod u lanqas il-muntun ma jahilbu.
    Tislijiet Jack


  31. Luciano Busuttil

    hi jaques..a long time ago we were class mates at the first ever BA Legal & Humanistic Studies…Hope your court in luxembourg works better than ours here in Malta…
    BTW…left is still alive even though I must say that one cnot see that difference betwenn the to sides…and I think it needs to find itself in today’s modern world .. i today’s global village…where everyone seems to have something to lose…where everyone is scared of fighting for what he/she believes.

    Well anyway I wish u all the best of luck and even though you sometimes are a pain in the a*** to us on the left side of the political spectrum :)…keep it up.

  32. fabrizioellul

    Keep up the good posts. Keep the rock going.

  33. Hi Jaques,

    I found you contribution on today’s Independent of Sunday called “Jaccuse: Browsing under the hot summer sun” as super.

    This is great input:
    “….That ‘democratic reforms’ are on the agenda is a victory for the ‘significant other’ of the electorate. The “objects of hate”, the “wasted voters”, the advocates of democratic change, can all claim a stake for having stubbornly shifted the subject towards the top of the political agenda. It is not time to lower the guard, however. My biggest fear is that we may be about to take another fast track to yet another Great MLPN Concordat – based on the instinct of survival that leads the two parties to continue to consolidate the partisan political machine.”

    Where are the Maltese “intellectuals” who can challenge this?

    Great work Jacques.


  34. Jacques

    Ben Johnson rebah f’Seoul, mhux f’Ruma.

    Tislijiet minn Nimes


  35. Hello. This is off topic I think, and I apologize if this is inappropriate. I saw a phrase on a sign at a local restaurant and am trying to determine what it means. The phrase is “Kul Hawn Jew Imutu Bil Guh”

    The closest thing I have come up with is Maltese, but I am not sure. Could anyone help me? Do you recognize the language and do you know what the phrase means?

    Thank you.


  36. Hello Charles.

    I am assuming “local restaurant” is somewhere other than Malta. Yes the phrase in question is definitely in Maltese though the context would help for translation purposes.

    Literally translated it means “Eat here or they will die of hunger”. Which does not make much sense. Unless of course the author left an “m” out of “immutu” which would then mean “Eat here otherwise we will die of hunger” – a sort of appeal for custom.

    Hope that helps.

  37. Alternatively the owner of the place could have kidnapped some kids and is threatening to kill them if you don’t eat at his place.

    Naah. Guess that is far fetched isn’t it?

  38. Thank you Jacques. You are right. The restaurant is not in Malta. It is in Beardstown, Illinois. Beardstown is a small town on the Illinois River.

    Sounds like it is an appeal for business. I could have asked the waitress I guess, but that would have been too easy.

    Now I am curious how a sign in Maltese found it’s way to a wall in West Central Illinois (farm country). I will go there this weekend and try to find out the story and let you know. Thanks very much for your help.

    By the way, in case you don’t know about Illinois, it is the home of beautiful cows, fat women, and corrupt politicians. You may have heard of our Governor Blagojevich. He’s been in the news today.

    In our defense, Illinois is divided into two sections. Chicago and the rest of us. We downstaters are pretty honest all-in-all.

  39. Oh by the way that is in the USA. Sorry to be so ethnocentric. Typical American, eh?

  40. Perhaps we should also point out that the phrase “immutu bil-ġuħ” is more often used in a metaphorical sense, i.e. “we’ll go broke”, “our business will fail”, etc.

  41. Eat here or we’ll go broke.

    That makes perfect sense. Thanks everyone.

  42. Well, well….
    I’m searching the net for some Bugibba stuff (work :-/) and who do I come across?
    I guessed it was you before your name came up… Well done!! Will enjoy this when I’m off work..

    Love to you both up in the drab country

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