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Maltastar’s Censor: Nothing new under the sun


A couple of days ago I read an article on entitled “Shattering democracy: 2007’s long and shameful list“. It’s basically a list of how our country is run in such a way that democracy is completely shattered and obviously implies that proper democracy will be reinstated by those great guardians of rights and representatives of the people based in Hamrun. I sort of skimmed through the list and confirmed my suspicion. In their rush to list all the “atrocities” that our democracy has had to suffer because of the nasty people in government, the maltastar team forgot to mention the most “democracy shattering” event of 2007.

I immediately clicked on the very democratic “Have Your Say” button and gave my feedback. In it I explained that, probably because they were very busy looking at other party’s faults, the maltastar team had overlooked what is probably the most anti-democratic move of last year in local political terms. I reminded the maltastar team that it was a unanimous vote in parliament i.e. one subscribed to by both of what FZD likes to call “major parties” that effectively buried all hopes for citizens to have an open choice. I reminded them that this most atrocious of macchiavellian political moves that underwrote the disenfranchisement of all those disillusioned in MLPN was not an action that was solely attributable to PN. No sirs. Your leaders, may they live healthily for a hundred years, also gleefully rubbed their hands on that day in parliament. They too loved the idea of squaring it down to a two-donkey race.

Needless to say my comment never appeared on Maltastar. Which is why it is appearing here. I am sorely tempted to start a letter campaign to maltastar in order to see whether any reaction would be forthcoming. Then again I think I will let that pass. Who reads the damn thing anyway?

Viva il-lejber demokratiku u progressiv.



Maltastar tends to revel in “Sun”-like headlines when it comes to puns, double-entendres and the like. Yesterday (or today, you never really know when an article was posted there) was a follow up to the article that had informed the world of the intention of a Maltese expat living in Scotland to start selling our very own cheese-cakes (bad translation for pastizzi).

Apparently some residents of the Scottish village in question have objected to the Maltese man’s endeavours because of logistical problems that could be caused since the man plans to sell such pastizzi out of his garage.

What is it with Maltese? They move out of their little corner of the island and as soon as they settle elsewhere they try to live out of a garage. Sounds a bit like the Maltese holidaymakers in Gozo. Anyways. The point is that Maltastar picked on this story and then decided to slap on the following title:

“Il-Pastizz finds objections in Scotland”

Now, anybody who has even a fraction of a life in Malta knows that “il-pastizz” (particularly when used in the singular) is also a euphemism for female genitals. I’m guessing here… but I think it had something to do with the shape. The normal title for the article in question would have been “Objections to Sale of Pastizzi in Scotland” – however the really funny joker in the Maltastar team must have revelled in the idea of the title he chose.

Pastizz indeed!

Construction Beer

So now the man known to Malta as ic-Caqnu will be making beer. What’s next? Caqnu Cheese? We’re looking forward for the first reports from our readers telling us whether Caqnu’s Beer tastes good!

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