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Not So Organised

Is j’accuse… We are currently on holiday in Maastricht and environs. Due to the limited time available to access the internet only the new j’accuse is being updated (and with limited results at that). For those lasy gits among you who have not yet updated the rss feeder the new address is

Be there or be a four sided equilateral twodimensional shape.


Not Only in Malta

It’s not just Malta that gets its fair share of freak sideshows when election campaigns arrive. Check out Mr Van de Camp on this Dutch program that is strangely similar to Italy’s “Le Iene”. (English Subtitles)

Ryanair’s €5 Gambit


Ryanair’s inauguration of its latest flight out of Malta is in the news today (Malta-Trapani). Also in the news was Ryanair’s increible offer of one million seats at €5. People still question whether this policy of Ryanair’s is reasonable (not sure there). They also wonder whether Ryanair should be more clear about the fact that €5 does not include taxes and whatsnot (they should). Commenting on an online newspaper someone also commented:

By no stretch of the imagination can the € 5 cover all the Government and Airport Taxes. This goes to show that Ryanair is being aided and abetted to act in breach of competition laws and being given an unfair advantage over legacy carriers like Air Malta who have to collect and pay Government and Airport taxes making their air fares artificially inflated.

The usual rant you would say. His is not the full picture though. Ryanair’s is a commercial gamble – it has not got much to do with breach of competition of laws as it has with the defiance of costs, supply and demand. To an ignoramus like me the reason Ryanair can afford cheap flights is precisely because it cannot. Nobody can really. They are underpriced because Ryanair is gambling on slicing into huge parts of the market. It tries to get customers dependent on the “cheap” idea then runs up the ‘collateral damage’ – or extra costs.

There’s the amount of luggage, the weight of the luggage, the price of food on board, the transport to and from the airports of choice and more. Contrary to popular perception, Ryanair is not “doing well”. Rather it’s recent losses inspired newspaper titles such as “Ryanair got it wrong”. Their Shannon base in Ireland is about to have 400 jobs cut off in order to minimise losses.

The latest setback for Ryanair was during negotiations to order 400 new planes. It tried the usual tactic of bullying with numbers trying to provoke a price war between Airbus and Boeing. Airbus’ answer was simply:

We are not in discussions with Ryanair about aircraft. That is on the record. We don’t have plans to enter a sales campaign with Ryanair, which would be very expensive and very time-consuming.

Clearly Airbus sees this as nothing more than a ploy to negotiate with Boeing, and acknowledging Ryanair was likely never going to place an order with the company. The outlook is not so bad for the airline of the Harp. Despite gross incompetence over the past year with regard to hedging contracts for the price of fuel Ryanair is expected to recover though their plan for transatlantic flights might have to be shelved for now.

Next time you are on a Ryanair flight with your knees rammed firmly into the neck of the passenger seated in front of you do bear in mind that your “cheap” trip is a result of a gambit that relies on numbers, numbers and more numbers.  When you realise that the costs for your flight plus collaterals cost you much more than that €5 ad you saw don’t complain… just go “baaaaa”

After all the choice is yours… and that’s what matters really.

He Cannot Be Serious

Kamikaze Lover – Baklava – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)

One of the entries for Eurosong 2009. I know we should not take this thing seriously. I promise I don’t. But really… even comedy has the limits of decency and I am sure the violinist and cellists take themselves seriously. This is not trash… it is beyond trash… it is unrecyclable. If this is on the shortlist what the hell was left out?

In the words of the poet: “You cannot be serious!!”

The EU & You 2008

The guys at EUXTV  were kind enough to rip this video onto Youtube so that J’accuse can embed it into our blog.

It appears that this infovid about achievements of the EU in 2008 was removed from the EC EUtube channel at the end of January 2009. The video highlights a number of issues and achievements of the EU – from the commissions’ perspective of course.