EP Update – Lowell to file Constitutional, Libertas in Malta

from the Malta Chronicle:

Sources close to TMC have confirmed that far-right movement leader Norman Lowell will be filing his Constitutional Case in the courts of Malta in a last ditch attempt to revive his candidature for the European parliament elections. Contrary to what was previously reported on TMC the date for the filing of the case will in all probability be the 9th of February. Lowell is expected to call a press conference at 11 a.m. on the steps of the Law Courts. Sources also confirmed that the rabbit festival at Ta’ Cetta will go ahead in the evening on the same day. 

Meanwhile, former Alleanza Nazzjonali (National Alliance) Deputy Leader Mary Gauci who recently resigned from her post citing personal reasons is understood to be in talks with the pan-European anti-Lisbon Movement “Libertas“.  In all probability Mary Gauci. who is nearing the end of her term as a EU Commission employee, will be one of the candidates running on the Libertas ticket. The Libertas website still features a call for “high calibre candidates for the European Parliament elections in June 2009” in the Malta section.


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