J’accuse on .eu (tvm)

An interview on TVM program .eu about blogging, the internet, the Th!nkaboutit campaign and the European Parliament elections. Interviewer is Keith Demicoli. Vid ripped from di-ve.com by the King of Bloggers who does not want to be named. The program was screened on TVM on 3rd February at 18.15 with a repeat on 4th February at 22.00.


5 responses to “J’accuse on .eu (tvm)

  1. Fausto Majistral

    Mhux ghal xi haga: dak il-gersi fejn sibtu? F’xi jumble sale tal-parrocca?

  2. gersi apparti – stajt qaxxart il lehja.

    kif hallewk titla Brussels tirraprezenta lil Malta b’dak l istat il Malta Tourism Authority?

  3. smirk, smirk…;)

  4. ROTFL – I can’t help but imagine if I were running for the next elections what a massacre you guys would make of me. What can I say? For once I got a taste of my own medicine. In my defence (apologia stile fausto):

    1. The v-neck is very trendy esprit top worn over Zara long sleeved tee in “cowboy pyjama style”.
    2. I WAS dressed and unshaven for the occasion – not the interview though but for a conference of bloggers where turning up in a suit would have been social suicide. I tried to blend with the freak/revolutionary leitmotif and frankly I think I was doing quite well with my choice of “clothes that stick out”.
    3. I was only told of interview that very morning. I would still not have shaved had I known earlier but I do grant you that I would have thought twice about wearing the top “tal-pastizzi.

    Still. I’m cool…. and I can wear whatever style I want… because I’m worth it!


  5. Ha jkolli naqbel ma Fausto ghal-darba. Dak il-gersi huwa vicin hafna ghal dawk li jintlibsu fuq il-laham minn sezzjoni kbira ta rgiel hoxnin u sufin li jintefghu fuq iz-zuntier tal-knisja. Forsi huma “Worth it” ukoll.

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