The Pause


… on blogging about things of substance is due to J’accuse concentrating on its 4th anniversary celebrations come the 10th of March. A new blog site is in store and we are working on it nights. I feel a bit like someone with a mechanical hobby or those guys who build model churches out of matchsticks. Hopefully this part is soon over and I can get down to limiting my blogging hours to actually writing new stuff.

The new blog site can now be visited for a test drive and reactions. Please feel free to submit comments on that site or on this one – any feedback is appreciated. I am not a whizzkid when it comes to web design so NO I did not design it from scratch. I have tweaked / am tweaking a template obtained from (against payment of course). On the other hand this last version did take six hours to finish… so I guess it is within everyone’s reach! (To start you need a webhost, read up a bit about ftp and all that jazz, then find a good template, install wordpress on your host and then bob’s your uncle (almost).

Test drive the new j’accuse here.


3 responses to “The Pause

  1. Nice website. Quite neat.

    does this mean the end of the blog?

    Or the website will work like some cool Jaccuse archive?

  2. Cheer fabrizio. Far from it. It may not look that way but that website IS a blog. It just uses the categories more interactively and is intended to be a cross between a blog and a magazine frontpage. You can choose between sections more easily and the latest blog post will always be the feature article.

    The end of J’accuse? Never. 🙂

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