He Cannot Be Serious

Kamikaze Lover – Baklava – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)

One of the entries for Eurosong 2009. I know we should not take this thing seriously. I promise I don’t. But really… even comedy has the limits of decency and I am sure the violinist and cellists take themselves seriously. This is not trash… it is beyond trash… it is unrecyclable. If this is on the shortlist what the hell was left out?

In the words of the poet: “You cannot be serious!!”


12 responses to “He Cannot Be Serious

  1. Ragel bl-abjad diga idarrsek, ahseb u ara tlieta!

  2. This is one of the worst of the bunch. Which is really saying something. I like to think the song is about unprotected sex (not sure if for or against). What the hell, we’ve scraped the bottom of the proverbial barrel, why not lift it up and see what slimy bugs squirm beneath

  3. The song is about a popular Maltese television presenter who spends a lot of time at the gym and likes wearing white nylon T-shirts. Period.

  4. Come on Sig! Kamikaze Lover. Moving undercover in the night. Destination Heart. It’s obvious. Plus the descending chords, the repeated Kami Kami Kami (Coming Coming Coming) PLUS the three of them are dressed in white (as you so rightly noted). Off the top of your head tell me what else is white …

  5. Ma nafx jien. Nights in White Satin?… or if we want to go patriotic corny… Knights in White Satin?

    Here’s the lyrics as adduced by a friend of mine who first pointed out the vid… this has the makings of a viral… speaking of which check out http://berqa.wordpress.com

    Kami, Kami, Kamikazee lover
    Moving undercover
    With the night night light
    Destination heart heart heart

    Kami, Kami, Kamikazee lover
    He will really suffer
    every time time time
    Motivation love love love

    N.B. Some pundits differ as to “Destination hot hot hot”

  6. Ija, Alex. Imma seta kien qed ikanta fuq il-kanarin tieghu (Kana, Kana, Kana Sutra!). Jew fuq x’buzz taqbdu meta jkun diehel il-qorti bil-file taht abtu (Dehlin, Dehlin, Dehlin l-Avukati!). It wouldn’t have made the slightest difference. Il-kanzunetta by the by. Il-kantant kollox.

  7. LOL

    ifhem, this clip is in a long line of clips deserving Gieh ir-Repubblika. Here’s another one:


  8. So who’s up for taking part next year? I’ve a couple of wife-beater abbanderados lying about the place…

  9. lol priceless 😀 its so bad its good!

  10. @Sigmund Bonello and Alex
    It’s about the perils of unprotected sex.

  11. wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha…. hahhahahaha… haha… ha…

    diska kbira f’kull sens!

  12. ma rebahlekx

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