Xita – the Gozitan’s done it again


It never rains but it pours. With guys like Pierre you’d hope that posts on his blog did more of the latter than the former. His blog, once a regularly updated landmark on the Maltese blogosphere witnessed a slowdown in productivity as Pierre shifted slowly to the printed medium. In fact he did develop a knack of making his audience twist and turn with anticipation before regaling them with stories that are written as finely and as carefully as Gozitan lace.

I read Pierre’s last book “Rih Isfel” with a feeling of relaxed contentment that could only be had by the pleasure of a revival of multiple memories and familiar landscapes safely entwined within a fertile vocabulary that immediately brings the reader close to home. (see, that’s the kind of off-putting long sentence that puts people off books – but then again how do you translate wens, hedla, sliem and saudade?)

And home is of course Gozo. There is something that binds all of us who in one way or another can call the Island of Calypso and free range marijuana fields (under the watchful eye of the police) home. Without Gozo there would be no Pierre, no Rih Isfel, and probably…. no Xita.

But this is not meant to be a eulogy for Ogygia that lapses into the one thousand and one clichéed descriptions of the island where time stood still. Rather it is a post that is meant to tickle your interest into reading the product of the new blood that left the island and immersed itself in the middle of Bruxelles La Moche, there to inspire newfound stories that blend the old and the new, the sacred and the profane.

Comparisons are odious, I know, but if I were to tag Pierre I’d think of France’s Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. I am still not sure whether it is the author’s style or some of his characters that inspire the comparison. Characters is what Pierre does best as in the short story Diabolus where he playfully keeps your curiosity on tenterhooks until the final twist.

Short stories flowed out of his blog. Now you can own them in this new book “Qed nistenniek niezla max-Xita“. Given my reputation for rubbishing hopeless blurbs I can tell you that I have seen the one on this book and it rocks… a guy from the end of the blogosphere has a lot to vouch for that.

So. I cannot tell you what’s in it. I can only honestly say that I would definitely stake a high bet on what’s in it being good.

This is not a review… it is a biased participation in book marketing by someone who has already been genuinely captivated by the previous works of the young author from Nadur. For more marketing ploys (re: book launch, etc) I suggest you check out these sites:

The Author’s Site: Pierre J. Mejlak

The Facebook Event with Launch Info

Happy reading!


3 responses to “Xita – the Gozitan’s done it again

  1. hope you like the book too now 🙂

    poor pierre, marketing “ploy” is quite reductive of what we’ve actually got planned for the 12th 😉

  2. I’m always very disappointed with Maltese book covers. And this is not exception. they are usually quite corny.

    The only decent book cover i have seen is that of Stagno ‘Ramon u Zerbinotti’.

    It won’t hurt anyone to take a little bit more of attention to the actual design. They say do not judge a book by the cover – but it is not true, you judge it by the cover.

  3. Fabrizio, if there’s one Maltese book which calls for a relaxation of your rule, this is it.

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