J’accuse’s European Campaign

All over the world theyre votingAll over the world they’re voting

It’s kicked off and we do not even have a proper slogan yet. I’m sorely tempted to do a nationalist and steal mine off some foreign campaign that has already been tried and tested. Or I could come up with something so kitsch that it has to stick out. Of course there is always the option of adapting Zefrank’s old adage all over again. Whatever we choose the campaign is here and now and J’accuse readers will be spoilt for choice and luckier than they have ever been before. Why luckier? Because thanks to j’accuse you can follow the campaign on three fronts – all of which are as independent minded and uncensored as an underground pirate radio of the early nineties.

J’accuse itself

First of all there is the self-reverential site par excellence. J’accuse – la verité si je mens – brings you 4 years of blogging experience and tongue-in cheek entertainment. It is time to spread the word and tell friends and friends of friends the good news. It is the Pauline year after all and that does not mean that some obscure babe named Pauline gets special attention but rather that the Catholic Apostolic Church is celebrating the doings of Saul of Tarsus a.k.a Paul. His was the mission to spread the word with the Gentiles. Yours it should be to spread the word among the uninitiated to get a reader (it’s free) and add J’accuse and the many others populating the Maltese blogosphere with their deep thoughts and arrogant conclusions. So yes. Number one is good old J’accuse – vetting the EP candidates so you don’t have to.

The Malta Chronicle

Second in line is the site that feeds off anything electoral. This year the Chronicle is taking shape to be a lovely vehicle in which the Maltese side of the EP campaign is examined. There’s all sorts of writers and frankly we are hoping for there to be more. Once again word of mouth is essential. The more readers and diverse opinions will appear on TMC the more interesting the read. This is not a profitable organisation so set aside your suspiucion of some underhand monies passing through. The Fausto’s, Mark’s and Vlad’s of this world are writing with passion and passion is what TMC is about ultimately. There you go. Number two is The Malta Chronicle – the pygmy elephant votes.


Lastly and thirdly (but not leastly) there is the European dimension of the independent thinkers campaign. The Th!nkaboutit blogging competition launches today and you will find opinions by a great diversity of bloggers ranging from the eurosceptic to the eurotepid (at least that’s my first impression). Thanks to the involvement of people with more savvy on the national rather than the eurocrat process this promises to be a more interesting read for those who cannot stomach the horsetrading in Council, Parliament and Commission. There’s an added bonus of course… since the Eurovision is miles away you get your chance to vote for your favourite posts (vote from one to five). Of course I am not telling you to get there in droves and vote for the J’accuse contributions unless you really feel they deserve it. To be quite honest the idea of participating is such an exchange is a prize in itself… corny as it may sound. I may not be De Coubertin but hey… I am enough of a discussion freak to think that way. So yes… do head to Th!nkabout it blog where over 70 authors will test your patience with their perspective on the European Campaign. Use your vote wisely and enjoy the trip… because it is a trip!


… is being test driven as you read. Never was so much time wasted in the creation of a feeble header. Comments on that site will be greatly appreciated. I hoped to officially launch it on the 10th of March in keeping with the J’accuse anniversary tradition (this x.iii is J’accuse’s 4th anniversary). Speaking of anniversaries, Sandro Vella just pointed out that J’accuse on Indy turns one on the 2nd March. Time flies and we’re still having fun.

This has been a j’accuse round up… updating your google reader/other reader so you don’t have to!

VOTING - The choice is yours

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  1. Take the Chance. At http://www.FreeEurope.info. Vote there for Free Europe !

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