Generation Why? 1.03 – The Flip Camera

As easy as flip

As easy as flip

Only last week the world of vlogging seemed aeons away. Vlogging or “video blogging” involved investing extra time and money in setting up to be able to add videos to posts. You would need a camera, a program to edit the films you took and more. There was little or no incentive. Enter the Flip Camera. As early as March 2008 the New York Times was hailing this little machine as the most significant electronic products of the year. It was, and it still is, even though progress towards the old continent is still slow and you would have to order your flip camera from the US (go ahead… take advantage of the weak dollar). At under 200 dollars a pop the camera is within most bloggers’ reach. It’s inbuilt USB key gives it a weird look but it also means that from shoot to youtube the steps are embarassingly simple. Quality of both sound and vision is incredibly good… if you don’t believe me here’s a video filmed by at the Th!inkaboutit conference.


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