J’accuse would like to kindly inform its esteemed readers and respected detractors that the site will be going through a chaotic and haphazard revamp over the next few days. The main reason for the revamp is vanity followed closely by the wish to have a sexy site for the forthcoming TH!NKABOUTIT campaign when a couple of foreign readers (as in non-Gozitan- nobody’s perfect) will be reading our lines and pages.

Well wishers, do gooders and nitpickers are urged to comment on such things as layout and look and do please point out any technical problems you may be having. Having said that please bear in mind that I work within the wordpress framework and although I would love to have a widget that delivers a free coffee to every reader I am still far from that.

Posts on J’accuse will continue normally notwithstanding the Revamp Work in Progress. Thank you for your patience.


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