Light a Candle (sing their song)

Light a Candle

Light a Candle

If I’m not careful I will fall far behind Fausto’s prolific keyboard-tapping fingers and then sometime next year I will be accused of not having spoken out on some specific feature and my silence will be equated to aquiescence. Anyways I am back from the Brussels intensive and would like to quickly answer (ah beautiful split infinitives) a couple of posts that were posted while I was honing my blogging skills with a myriad others from all over Europe. 

Fausto wrote a sweet piece “Caught in the Crossfire” in which he implied that poor Edward Demicoli was caught in the crossfire when AD accused him of waking up a bit too late when he took a stance against illegal hunting. E come sparare sulla Croce Rossa (it’s like shooting on the Red Cross) would have been a more apt metaphor to illustrate the goings on. According to Fausto, AD are guilty of not being happy with having a Nationalist MEP prospective doing the good thing and yelling “I hate hunting” to the four winds. A quick read would have you nod your head in enthusiastic agreement – I mean what do these whingers want? These new allies of the confounded left must be silenced. A more patient evaluation will begin to uncover the flaws within Fausto’s poisonous return fire. 

You see AD are not disagreeing with Demicoli’s position but rather with the fact that someone who is suddenly so anti-hunting was rather silent for a very long time and is only barking in a run up for the election when Spring Hunting has not been allowed for this year. The point AD seem to be making, and I think you do have to concede it, is where were Edward Demicoli’s anti-hunting principles when he authored documents promising protection of the Spring Hunting tradition? More than that many of us would ask – does Edward really feel comfortable within a party that still declares that it will do its utmost to protect spring hunting? (Vide PBO)

And now that we mention it: there is no case before the ECJ involving Spring Hunting. There is the equivalent of an interim measure that applies yearly when Malta does not provide sufficient justification for allowing hunting in spring. 

Now for the final point. Here’s Fausto’s take on Ed’s admirable position:


Now, let’s say that you think that there’s no way that spring hunting in Malta can be limited to a few species and be sustainable. How would Demicoli’s claim effect your vote? Jacques has commented on the Nationalists being an excessively broad church. Well, here’s a way to do something, lighting a candle rather than just curse the darkness. When voting, give a high preference, not necessarily the first, to Demicoli. If he makes a good showing even if not elected it would tell the hunters what to do with their boycotts.

I just can’t stop laughing. We move from  “Wasted Vote” to the “Delirious Voter”…. in the words of tennis’ greatest philosopher “You cannot be serious!” So light a candle in the dark… vote for a candidate who is running for a party that still professes some kind of affinity with the hunters’ cause – don’t worry he will somehow extricate himself from the binds that tie him to party loyalty and whatsnot. Anyway… you will not exactly waste your vote because even if Ed is not elected at least you will have used him to teach the nasty hunters a lesson or two.

Light a candle in the darkness?? For heaven’s sake… I’ve got an easier solution for the darkness problem. Take the blindfold off your eyes… and see the light. If you really “think that there’s no way that spring hunting in Malta can be limited to a few species and be sustainable” then vote for a candidate (and party) who has some sort of credentials to put money where their mouth is. I’m not saying that that is my priority or my party of choice but please… if you wanted any proof that some party’s environmental credentials are simply for “vote phishing” purposes look no further than “Caught in the Crossfire”…

Light a candle sing a song

Look for rainbows there’s nothing wrong

Every night I cry my heart out

Coz we’re drifting apart now I know….

… Keep me in mind… when you’re all alone!

This post also appears on The Malta Chronicle


7 responses to “Light a Candle (sing their song)

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  2. Fausto Majistral

    If I’m not careful I will fall far behind Fausto’s prolific keyboard-tapping fingers and then sometime next year I will be accused of not having spoken out on some specific feature and my silence will be equated to aquiescence.

    Happened once to me over departure tax and, yes, it sucks.

  3. Fausto’s argument, as I understand it, goes that AD should welcome a green campaign wherever it hails from. His subtext is an attack on AD’s own credibility. But he makes a principled argument – AD should highlight its own relatively impeccable green credentials and ask voters who subscribe to their views to vote for them. They should invite voters to put numbers 3, 4 and so on next to the names of other candidates who come close to that position.

    What Fausto ignores (and Jacques responds to here) is the credibility gap in PN’s newfound environmentalism. At least two PN candidates appear to be new converts to green causes.

    It is not clear whether they are promoting green causes because they have identified a powerful electoral niche, or because they truly have come to believe in green causes (as so many erstwhile sceptics have done in the years since ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ hit the big screen). I’ll withhold judgment, because judgment is irrelevant for present purposes, and because I do not have a clear view one way or the other.

    What is relevant is the tactics of all of this. AD need only subtly illustrate that there exists a credibility gap and that green voters are better served voting first for AD. Instead of turning the Demicolis of this world into their political vassals, AD is busy defending its turf from incursions. AD could have waved a huge welcome banner and made Demicoli look like a lesser green. Instead they’ve made Demicoli a PN martyr.

    As I see it, Fausto is an astute political tactician of the PN ilk. AD might consider getting off whichever high horse it happens to be on at the moment and begin to learn from other political parties’ campaign tactics. Stamping feet and wailing like spoilt children just doesn’t cut it anymore.

    AD has been twenty years in the making. Green voters are beginning to be impatient for a real political party to support. Converting PN and MLP to green policies is swiftly becoming a more realistic option than waiting for AD to convert to being a real political party.

  4. Brilliantly stated JBB. Wish I had your patience to write less passionately… thank god for the JBB’s of this world (even when they’re in Scotchland).

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