Liquorice All Sorts

They come in all colours

They come in all colours

Keith Grech has been blogging sometime now on Cacoethes Scribendi. In his first reaction to the PL announcement of the list of candidates for the elections for the European Parliament Keith describes the list as “impressive“.  He goes one step further by stating that Labour has ” has managed to achieve the right mix of talent and experiences” in this motley crew.

Of course “motley crew” is my addendum – don’t expect Keith to come up with such kind of colourful phrases about the choice of his party for the next chicken run erm sorry election. Keith is my laboratory rat in this particular post but what I say for Keith’s generous assessment could apply for the assessment by a commentator on the other side of Malta’s duo-chromatic political spectrum.

They have a way with shooting words and ideas you see, and if you do not stop and think you tend to just let the information knock you senseless before you can even think of exercising your mental abilities to assess the candidates. What exactly is “the right mix of talent and experiences”? Is that an inclusive definition? As in right because it includes all that is necessary to appease a hungry voting public? But what would that mean? If every candidate has one or two traits that contribute to the whole then surely the public could find itself short-changed even if a maximum of five find their way to Brussels or Strasbourg.

It’s easy to say “right mix” but then what is the right mix? Is it an exclusive justification? Exclusive as in a good mix because it leaves out unpleasant unwanteds like lets say pro-choice individuals, homosexuals, transvestites or pornstars? What is the right mix Keith? Or maybe I should be asking the reader? What is the right mix?

Perhaps we are being too harsh. After all there is only so much the umbrella parties of ours can do to hit every electoral segment under the sun. The mother of five, the nurse, the doctor, the deejay and the party lackey. Hell the Labourites even have “the one who made way for Inhobbkom Joseph” in their midst. Some will come along and tell you that they have “vast experience of the EU institutions” as PN’s RMTT did last time round in 2004 (presumably those nights studying Craig and De Burca must have contributed to this “vast experience”).  Others might tell you that they only campaigned against EU membership for the good of the country and are now on the Labour ticket because … erm because what?

Arnold of AD will be having a hard time explaining why his electorate keeps shifting (that’s a polite way of explaining why he swings from country to country in the hope of getting elected somewhere).  Maybe that’s a European quality the others miss after all.

It’s an honest question really. What qualities will the Maltese be looking for in the next MEP candidates? Will the nihil obstat from party luminaries suffice? Will the bluff and banter of the party campaign machines be loud enough to blur the choice between next comet and lackey buffoon? Who knows… in the meantime we just have to make do with the mix…

… haven’t we always?

This post also appears in The Malta Chronicle


3 responses to “Liquorice All Sorts

  1. Bingo Jacques! Right mix my left foot. I looked through some of the uninspiring, dull, predictable, hackneyed, platitude-ridden, God-awful websites of the Liquorice All Sorts which you linked up to in The Malta Chronicle and thought…well, more or less what you thought.

    But come to think of it “the right mix of talent and experience” might simply mean…some have talent, some have but an ounce of the stuff while some… have absolutely none at all.

    And for God’s sake, if you’re going to jump on the bandwagon, do brush up your English folks. Almenu ghal wicc in-nies.

  2. This piece sounds a trifle ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ Nietzschean.

    I mean do we agree that MEPs should have talent and experience?

    It will be up to the electorate to bring Malta’s MEP ‘team’ together. I understand why a few combinations may give one some jitters.

    Yet, on the bright side of life, one may look at say three of the frontrunners as a group and feel quite upbeat: Scicluna, Mizzi and Grech do not come over (to me at least) as motley, and they (seem to) have loads of that crucial ingredient that Malta really needs in huge doses (Governance knowhow).

  3. Hey Jacques, politicians are no liquorice, all sorts or otherwise. As I’m sure you will agree, politicians are people with different talents and capabilities. Unfortunately, there is no one single person that undertstands everything and who can deliver on every single issue under the sun. That is precisely why, political parties field a number of candidates, thus allowing the electorate to avail themselves of their democratic right of choosing for themselves who they deem more suited for the job.

    Appparently, you seem to have failed to take note of the fact that there is a very good gender balance within Labour’s list. Similarly, there is a good balance between the younger generation and those that are not so young.

    My point was that as a team, the twelve members on the Labour’s list complement each other very well, and that consequently taken as one whole, the team which Labour is presenting forward to the electorate is quite impressive.

    And incidentally, let us not forget that the PN are still shrouding their list of candidates in a mysterious silence. True they have announced six names so far but, the PN has also anounced its intention to field another four. Who are these extra four? Why is the PN so silent about them? Is there any truth in the rumours that alot of infighting is currently going on within the PN’s corridors of power? Will Busuttil and Casa eventually find themselves contesting against some former Minister or two?

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