Just Like That

Been a heavy day at work so no real time to blog. Meanwhile elsewhere, where work is mostly secondary to survival, two pilots performed an extraordinary landing into the freezing waters of the Hudson River as a plane struck geese disabling its engines upon take off from NY La Guardia. All passengers survived the ordeal. In Gaza Israeli forces pushed their hand before what seems to be an imminent ceasefire. The UN food compound was bombed as Israeli troops elieved tha shots were fired from there. The UN strongly denied this and said that Israeli generals privately admitted that it was a mistake. Reports of white phosphorous being used illegally in civilian areas were not mistaken. At least Ehud Olmert said sorry to Ban Ki-moon. All in a days’ work in the run up to the Israeli electoral campaign. Netanyahu and Likud must be shivering. 

This has been j’accuse… blogging at 1 am so you don’t have to.


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