Seeing Red

and she aint runnning for presidentand she ain’t runnning for president

What better subject for a Friday night than sex? Well. Not exactly sex but sexiness. Attractiveness. I just sent the Indy article off for next Sunday so I have time for a little quickie. Post of course since I am miles away from my darling right now and hey, being a Catholic on paper I would not do that sort of thing anyway. So. What was I on about?  Ah yes. Red. I was reading this month’s Focus magazine and discovered two interesting facts about the colour red. Scientific facts of course.

1. Red is attractive

Apparently the colour red is a definite factor in rendering someone more attractive. It seems that if men were to see the exact same woman in two different outfits  – let’s say one blue and one red – they would invariably be more attracted to the one dressed in red. It seems red is more sexy. More attractive. More appealing.

2. Red is victorious

On an entirely different but related note, it would seem that some freak survey has concluded that the colour red is the most suited colour in which to kit out a sports team. The survey discovered that teams wearing red tend to win more (and I would add be favoured by referees). Of course having competent players does help but red might add that little effect that is more than talismanic.


So red is attractive and red is victorious. Which leads me to two inevitable questions: 1. How do we explain the Malta Labour Party? and 2. Who is going to tell Joseph Muscat that purple might not be such a good idea?


One response to “Seeing Red

  1. trivia – JM is ‘coloured blind’

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