Give the students their exams

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The dispute between UMASA and the government has gone one step too far according to KSU and its President Roberta Avellino. The students held a “rally” (in solidarity with themselves I suppose) in the Common Room (it WAS raining outside) to complain about the way this protracted state of indecision is affecting the third party (the students) who really has no fault in the matter. 

I have been on both sides of the fence in my time having been a fleeting founding member of UMASA as well as a member of KSU for some time. I cannot but sympathise with the student’s plight in this situation. The measures taken by UMASA can only cause stress and hardship to students (my mind goes to third year law students) who would have been eager to shed some of their credit burdens by January/February and not have everything lumped at them at the end.

The lecturing fraternity should always bear in mind that decisions having a bearing on the study cycle of panicked students can have detrimental effects on their health. Coffee, camomille, proplus and nutella dealers must be happy at this point. All too often life as a student is portrayed as some four year holiday at the expense of the taxpayer. This ignores the fact that notwithstanding how slack some lectures can be the pressures of exams can be quite dastardly – and not just during exam period. The nagging feeling of failure is a burden that has to be carried throughout the university years until you snatch the diploma from the rector or Minister before they change their mind.

The government must find a way to make lecturing a respectable profession. UMASA must find a way to ensure that its members live up to the name of the profession. KSU must continue being a general pain in the ass reminding everyone that the students are not to blame and that the sooner things are returned to normality the better.


3 responses to “Give the students their exams

  1. Tell me about it. I am ACHING to get Family Law and Church Legislation on Marriage (amongst 6 painful exams) over and done with.

  2. Now I am all ears. Not for the aching of course but I have a few questions.

    Does the woman who gives more marks to girls than boys still lecture family law?

    What exactly is Church Legislation on Marriage? I mean it is either legislation or the church… surely you cannot have a credit with such an oxymoronic title?

  3. I haven’t heard about this sexist lecturer but the person who lectures us IS a woman and I have a tiny feeling that it is her….. hmmm…. I shouldn’t really complain too much if that’s the case…

    Church Legislation on Marriage is just a credit about the provisions in the code of canon law about marriage. We have a really lovely priest guy telling us about how a man has to be capable of erection, penetration and ejaculation (at LEAST beyond the hymenal orifice) within the vagina for the true consummation of marriage. Very, very lovely credit.

    ps. due to your latest post I’ve grown increasingly worried about the lack of the colour red in my wardrobe! A shopping spree may be in order…..

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