Generation Why? (1.01)


Generation Y (born 77-89)

Generation Y (born 77-89)



A new rubric in J’accuse for the new year. This one is on the world of technology, gadgetry and the like – seen from the point of view of a dabbler, a normal consumer, a technology convert thru and thru who cannot pass by a vitrine (shopwindow) without salivating profusely. We will speak about computers, handhelds, mobiles, cameras, video cameras and how they affect our life. J’accuse will take a look at all the vocabulary that is getting out of hand – every now and then there is a new acronym to learn and new website to discover. We need to ask what the difference between “http” and “https” is or why DLNA affects the way to design your living environment

It’s not only technological it is also sociological. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are changing the way we interact. Google is purportedly making us more stupid. Throughout 2007 and 2008 blogs hit the MSM like nothing else before. The Iliad, the Sony reader and the Kindle are threatening the printed word and the paperback. More than anything else a whole new generation with a different perspective and expectation from life is now the focal point of marketing. They are called Generation Y, born in the eighties and educated with the propaganda of personal fulfillment in a capitalist world that led them to believe that the world evolves around them. They are currently in shock as the credit crunch has shattered some of their dreams and promises.

Generation X, of which we, the Kinnie Generation, form part is being overtaken by this new Generation Y as I type. J’accuse is determined to try to understand it. It might be crucial for our survival.

Hence….  Generation Why? …. discovering Generation Y… so that you don’t have to.



DLNA: Digital Living  Network Alliance: more here


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