50 anos

Que Guevara?

Cuba is preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its glorious revolution. It is a complicated heritage that the people of Cuba have inherited. Their education and health care are at very high levels but economically the nation is in tatters. To add insult to injury it has had to survive the devastation of two hurricanes over the last year. A frail Fidel Castro has passed on the reigns of power to his brother Raul. Raul has brought Cuba closer to its South American neighbours and still flirts with a newly ambitious Russian state. I visited Cuba nearly two years ago and can say that it is very unfair to measure the reality of this island with the metre of our civilisation and its perks and habits. Which is not to say that the sons of El Che and Fidel would not do with a bit more change. 

Hasta la Victoria… at least for now.


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