and a Happy New Year…

… and we’re back. Not really. Just a quick peep to the blog to see that all is ok. I am still in Malta on a relatively chilled holiday. Looks like New Year’s Eve will be pretty chilled Chez Jaccuse as we have a Wii and Vodka party planned in the house. No going out, no dressing up – just cozying up in the foyer. The blogging pause has been well deserved and batteries are definitely recharged for a new season that promises to be more than good as we kick off with the EP elections and revitalise the other dormant blogs of ours that have been waiting for some good activity.

In the meantime do take it easy on your livers and stomachs and keep the party spirit high responsibly. Be seeing you soon.

Over and out from windswept Paceville as the town that never sleeps takes a deep breath before the big night.


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