Diaries of a Visiting Expat (1)

It’s been a hectic few days and J’accuse has not been out that much for fear of aggravating this damned flu that has hooked on to his respiratory system. In any case Malta seems to be as pleasant as ever barring that random gunfight (make note for future discussion on banning guns) at political party cubs (mental note for future comment on whether such clubs are still necessary) and the cold nights. The  gas station owners tend to get all jittery every time I visit. Last time round we had the petrol pump scare and this time it seems that a strike of the givers of gas has only just been averted.

Speaking of gas I have a quest this afternoon to buy a new cylinder for my spanking new gas heater (yes, we too have succumbed to the switch from ‘lectric to gas). I have been wished “good luck” by many before I embark on my quest which makes me wonder whether it would have been easier to plan a quick visit to the peaks of the Everest rather than a simple outing to Luxol grounds for a quick purchase.

Really. Guns and cowboyland. Smart Malta? What ever were we thinking? Whatever. I’ve been for a quick visit to Montecristo watchyamaycallit and I think that it must qualify as the greatest celebration of kitsch since the lavalamp and shag carpet combo were invented. What were they thinking? Yesterday, Honourable George Pullicino “blogged” on the Times about having visited the Ta’ Qali Christmas market the day before. I happened to go to Ta’ Qali yesterday and was told by the owner of the “Be Happy” kiosk that the market was on two weeks ago and only for a weekend. Great. Did GP send his article two weeks ago or did he visit another market in a parallel universe?

Last but not least. Will Darrel Lea Foods get their act together and return Twistees to their former crunchy glory? I’ve tried them from different sources now… in the hope that the last one was a bad batch. Nope. They all are bad, bad bad. Shame on you.


3 responses to “Diaries of a Visiting Expat (1)

  1. You’re right about the gas cylinders (They’re at Luxol on Saturdays and Burmarrad too – Raphael wrote about the same difficult quest last Sunday in MT) and George Pullicino but not about the Twistees. You must be getting a bad batch or picking up the “lite” ones by mistake (about 40 calories less). The ones I get are still good (from the corner bar up the road – no space for random shootings there). Pop in if in the vicinity.

  2. I did buy a packet of Twistees lately and they tasted HORRIBLE!! I thought it was just my taste buds going haywire, but it seems not.

  3. Steve Philips

    Good post – but can’t agree with you about Twistees. The quality of Twistees from the 10 packs I scoffed the othe week is still great!
    Also Twistees have been launched under the Tastees name in the UK and they are proving very popular with both the British as well as my friends who love eating them in Malta.
    The Tastees website is:

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