Christmas Tours in the Grand Region

I’ve seen Fabrizio’s busy wink and I must say that his insinuation is right. I have been busy ‘elsewhere’ in that I have a guest over and we have been going out and about enjoying the festive atmosphere and visiting towns around town. Been in Strasbourg the last two days and loved it. The city markets itself as France’s Christmas City and it fully deserves the moniker. I only allowed myself one minor distraction from the sights, sounds and tastes of the city… a minute by minute update of the Juve-Milan match on Sunday night. Otherwise it has been shops, food and ‘cosying up’ for most of the time. J’accuse will probably be back on the blogging scene by Friday – my first day in Malta for the holidays. Until then enjoy the season to be jolly…


2 responses to “Christmas Tours in the Grand Region

  1. Fausto Majistral

    Any Eierpunsch in Strasbourg? I’m still trying to find out whether it is served at any Christmas market outside of Germany and Austria.

  2. No Fausto. No sign of Eierpunsch in Strasbourg – at least I did not notice any and I meticulously visited every stand in every market.

    I’m back in Lux now by the way – the former national milk company here sells Egg Nog in cartons over the christmas period and I must say it is very very good.

    Last minute purchases in Strasbourg included Guitar Hero (World Tour) and Civilisation for PS3… let the games begin!

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