Baubles and Titbits

Ikea's got huge balls

Ikea's got huge balls

I’ve got a lovely visitor for the next ten days so I will have little time to catch up with the news (got to pamper a princess and be pampered back). While reviewing birthday greetings to a cousin of mine on Facebook I stumbled upon an extraordinary name: Bella Chao. If the Greeks wanted the trouble to stop shouldn’t they have renamed the district of Exarchia to something less riot-sounding? The snow is out in full rage here – it’s nice. I bought a real christmas tree this year – sod the treehuggers. Now I’ve started a bohemian bauble collection – matching is out of the question. E.B. drew the line on my buying a doggie basket/cushion in the shape of a flower to put the baby Jesus in this year – disrespectful he said… better than any sodding manger I say. Charles’ comments from Illinois (see about the author) sounded other wordly… wish I could visit the place some day. One of Bertu’s toons featured on Dissett (9th Dec)… pity George Mallia did not get the Joe Cocker one… it’s my favourite one about Muscat. The shopping bug has not caught me yet and still I have squandered some money in the last few days. I am hoping to hit Maastricht AND Strasbourg starting next Friday. Let’s hope roads will not be too snowed under. If you had to spell the Luxembourg greeting for Merry Christmas in Maltese it would be… XEJN KREJXTIX…. Xejn indeed!

This has been j’accuse… letting his mind wander so you don’t have to.


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