I Pagliacci (reprise)

The PN DIY Kit

The PN DIY Kit

As predicted, the Data Protection/Espionage saga is on the fast track to nonsensical argumentation. The PN clan, headed by Paul Borg “in my defence” Olivier, are adamant to point out that the PL’s hands are just as filthy with the dirt and muck of playing around with citizen’s information in full violation of the Data Protection Act. PBO is also heavy on the denial business, strong on the heels of the last PN head to be in the spotlight – that jack of all trades JPO. He insists that a proper reading of the email would clearly show whoever is willing enough to suspend belief for a brief moment that the PN is not being given any information by the government. Nope. The secretary general of the Nationalist Party only meant government employees on government time to show them what a lovely Excel sheet those brilliant chaps in PN R&D had created. It was there for the taking – why not adopt it for use in government departments too? That way we help Dr Gonzi get a bit off his back. Reputable columnists (I admit I use the word reputable liberally nowadays) like Bocca seem to buy this line of thought.

Bollocks. ABC goes so far as to imply that it is normal for governments and parties to share information. In a Banana Republic? Of course it would be in a banana republic. There you have it gents and ladies: the PL and the PN will not attempt to hide the fact that they dabble in your private information and collect and process data without your permission for purposes you would never have fathomed exist in a liberal democracy. Now the old guard columnists will even try to tell you it’s bloody normal. You’d have to be stupid if you were the party in government and did not use the mine of information at your (the government’s) fingertips. Well, not exactly. I agree that the temptation is there (to use the info to the party’s advantage) – you are not stupid if you contemplate using it. You are stupid if you get caught using it and even stupider if you email that kind of information straight to the lap of the opposition.

Here’s Paul still trying his luck (on Sunday):

PN General Secretary Paul Borg Olivier said this morning that he had written to the Data Protection Commissioner asking him to investigate the way the PL was collecting information about the people, particularly information which was health-related.Dr Borg Olivier, reacting to the current controversy over an e-mail he had sent to ministries about data sharing, insisted that he had nothing to be ashamed of. The PN, he insisted, had a duty to ensure that the government remained close to the people and that all people – whatever their political colour – who complained to ministries were heard and their complaints were acted upon. Similarly, should anyone complain to the Nationalist Party, the party had a duty to give that information to the government and expect it to be acted upon. The people had to come first.

And we thought JPO was good at keeping a straight face (or letting lose a tear or two!)


10 responses to “I Pagliacci (reprise)

  1. It is amazing how they are trying to twist a clear wrong into a good.

  2. Yes, I love the fuzzy logic in the ABC and DCG line on this.

    1) PBO – You have egg on your face because you pressed send in a negligent way
    2) But there’s nothing wrong about the contents of your mail. At most its normal practice so what’s the fuss about?
    3) You have egg on your face because you sent the email to the wrong Jason

    Which, of course, begs the question:

    If PBO had sent around an email about the purchase of new water coolers at Pieta’, would he still have egg on his face simply because he sent it to Jason? Answer: Niet. Zo why does he have egg on his face at all in ze prezent zituation?

  3. looking on the bright side of the coin i say that pbo is the best thing that happened to maltese democracy these last 20 odd years. yet the big question is ‘what really goes on and what structures are in place that were assembled in the somber pre pbo days. we can all observe the careful postings carefully timed and what-not, yet how deep is the eye-in-my-bum, sbd behind-the-scene syndrome?

  4. And I love dannyattard’s perfect logic too…

  5. Hey Jacques, kemm insemmi fuq il-blogg dak li għidtlek il-Ħadd. Impressjonanti kemm hu maħdum b’mod subdolu Xarabank…mistoqsi b’mod apparantement innoċenti dwar il-paparazzi u r-ritratti tan-nies famużi, Rene’ Rossignuad (kunsiller tal-Alternattiva s-Swieqi li rega’ bdielu għal Gonzi eżatt lejliet l-elezzjoni) jiġi mistoqsi minn Peppi dwar każijiet ta’ ritratti skomdi ta’ personalitajiet Maltin. Rossignaud iwieġeb li dawn ir-ritratti ma jittiħdux is-soltu għaliex m’għandniex personalitajiet bħal Brad Pitt, imma fil-pront jaqbeż PBO u joħroġ fotokopja ta’ artiklu tal-Kulħadd fejn kienu ħadulu ritratt il-baħar mal-mara u t-tfal. Niddubita kemm din il-karta kienet essenzjali għad-difiża tiegħu, imma kumbinazzjoni kienet hemm ukoll.

    Issa, jew il-magna tal-PN hija tant effiċjenti li jaħsbu għal kollox, jew inkella Rossignuad sar id-deus ex machina tal-PN, li kumbinazzjoni dejjem issibu meta għandek bżonnu…jew biex jirriżenjalek minn kunsiller fil-qilla ta’ elezzjoni jew biex itik palata fuq Xarabank. Il-ħbula li qed imexxulu riġlejh qegħdin dejjem jidhru aktar ċari.

  6. Mark,

    It pays to be with the winning team, especially since in Malta the political parties are quite in your face.

    As far as I can tell, those who are currently defending this current administration are those who directly or not are connected with the party.

    I’m quite curious to hear Fsadni on this one.

    Perhaps, the Gonzipn billboards during election time meant more than just a parocchial taste in design.


  7. @Mark Vella
    Iva rajtu lil Rossignaud jaghti l-cue lil PBO (pero nahseb induna kulhadd hlief dawk li kienu mohhom fil-pasti ta James Catering). Kien hemm ukoll – b’kumbinazzjoni kbira- Michael Falzon tal-PN – li b’kumbinazzjoni kbira wkoll kien ircieva email bi zball minghand Wenzu Mintoff (m’ghandha x’taqsam xejn ma proposti illegali) u ta gentuom li hu Falzon ma ppubblikahiex. Jigifieri jekk int ragel ma tippubblikax l-emails li tircievi bi zball. B’min iridu jitnejku dawn l-apologisti.
    Lil Rene – Ghaliex ma jintefax bil-camera barra d-Dar Centrali tal-PN – Min jaf kemm tiehu snapshots ta celebritajiet lokali????????

  8. @danny attard – tista tipprova tikteb b’mod intelligibli? ghax qisek il-blurb fuq dak il-ktieb ta austin xi haga

  9. probably the conversation went along these lines: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=j66xUPov77U

  10. Hi sully. Thanks for your comment. Our host did make such like remark a few weeks/months(?) back. I must admit that I do half communicate under some (probable) illusion that the reader will do half the thinking…long story…It is obvious that this style irritates and so I promise to reform…

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