PBO’s Apologia Begins

Now we begin to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Two weeks after the first news regarding the infamous email (available on Keith’s blog) started to trickle out to the general public PBO has begun to react. Of course the real judge and jury will be out tonight on Xarabank (where else?) as the kings and queens of Maltese Relativism will undoubtedly display the usual shenanigans of reductio ad absurdum and partisan flair that provides f-all satisfaction for the man in the street.

The upshot until now is that there was a plan to bandy citizen data to and fro between Pietà and Castille. Such plan with all its “weekness”-es (sic) was outlined in the business-like letter sent by PBO to many people including Jason Micallef.

Now PBO wants to defend himself by, among other things, bringing out that winner of all arguments – “We may be bad, but hey, the reds are badder”. Hell, they’ve won elections with that one so why not try their luck for this too? Once again the need for a trojan horse that will get us out of this “either/or” way of arguing is glaringly obvious. Oh Wasted Voter where art thou?

In the process of outlining his apologia PBO has given us a few interesting statements. Now PBO is a colleague of mine, as in we share the same profession although we do chose different forms of practicing it. Still, I was somewhat baffled by the B.Com. speak that pervaded PBO’s response. Sounded more like the Harvard graduate to me… they must really be getting it off at the Dar Centrali with all this kind of Management Speak:

“Dr Borg Olivier said in his e-mail that the measure was meant to manage better the complaints government ministries received and to identify “pockets of weakness” the government had. Moreover, the measure was meant to create a proper audit trail of complaints received while at the same time maximising the available resources.”

Sounds cool dunnit? Scott Adams would not have come up with better business speak. Frankly I find the level of mental masturbation involved with businesspeak as infuriatingly nauseating as the reverential level of interest the Dar Centrali worker ants tend to display whenever US Elections are round the corner. It tells you much about the inflated sense of self-importance that whafts around these centers of perceived power. It reverberates around both Dar Centrali and Dar it-Trasparenza. I never trusted this “management” nonsense. Give me political philosophers (even amateurs), give me lawyers and doctors but hey… businessmen and businesstalk should be confined to balancing budgets. Business tends to get big headed and trample on people… remember the Credit Crunch?

No. back to the audit trail. Think of the way information travels in the sentence quoted above. If you want to “manage better the complaints government ministries recived and to identify “pockets of weakness” the government had” then you must be in possession of such complaints right? So you would assume (maybe stupidly) that such info travelled FROM Castille TO Pieta on a couple of excel sheets. Right? Not.

Not according to PBO:

He said the e-mail did not speak about the transfer of information from the government to the PN but only the other way around.

LOL. ROTFL. That’s netspeak. It’s more like netlaughing.

Why we will even bother discussing the issue is beyond me, and thankfully even beyond others who would normally tend to give people like PBO a second chance (remember JPO). I’m sorry. This is a non-brainer. What we can expect tonight on Xarabank is more pot and kettle stuff.

One last thing…

“Dr Borg Olivier warned Dr Muscat and Mr Micallef that by publishing the e-mail they broke the law because they revealed private information that was “misappropriated” because it was not intended to be seen by them in the first place.”

[An interesting conundrum. One that might require an open discussion among lawyers and interested dabblers in the law. Let’s start by pointing you to the relevant section: It’s article 293 of the Criminal Code (Chapter 9 of the Laws of Malta). More later I guess since we have overstepped the limit of decent blogposts and might be about to deviate from the main topic.]


5 responses to “PBO’s Apologia Begins

  1. Sir Humphrey: Unfortunately, although the answer was indeed clear, simple, and straightforward, there is some difficulty in justifying assigning to it the fourth of the epithets you applied to the statement, inasmuch as the precise correlation between the information you communicated, and the facts insofar as they can be determined and demonstrated is such as to cause epistemological problems, of sufficient magnitude as to lay upon the logical and semantic resources of the English language a heavier burden than they can reasonably be expected to bear.

  2. @Jacques – prosit ta din il-post. Issa ftit prosy points tieghi.
    – Lil minn irid ibellaghha PBO li l-informazzjoni kellha tghaddi mill-PN lill-gvern u mhux bil-kontra? Mela PBO gie inkarigat jaghmel hekk mill-gvern? Lahaq manager tal-customer care tal-gvern? Ghax fil-kaz ghandu jitlef il-jon.
    – PBO avukat – kif id-dinja jista jghid li kien hemm misapproprazzjoni ta dik l-email tal-misthija – mhux hu baghatha lil Jason (kif kienet tghid Daphne, “Veru *****)
    – X’kienu qed jaghmlu nies bhal Ivan Falzon u Charles Demicoli f’dawn il-laqghat?
    – Issa jmiss xi slogans godda: Paul is the new Jason, Peppi Automatic Washes Whiter
    – Tiftakruh il-laqam ta Pawlu Muscat (xi sindku Laburist tal-Kottonera)?
    – Lestu l-popcorn ghal-lejla nies, ha jkun hemm iktar zinnijiet fuq Xarabank mill-film ta James Bond, forsi jitfacca JPO f’cameo role u Charmaine Gerada (tal-Ufficju tal-OPM) tkun qed taghmilha ta Bond girl. Smajt li mhux ha jkun hemm intervall ghax programm mimli daqs bajda. U ha jkantaw dik il-kanzunetta tal-Brown Rice “Ibqa Maghna Pawlu”. Ajma x’gost. Awguri Pepp – ha taghmilha ta Secret Santa ghal PBO. Owejo Owejo

  3. so now, we have to watch Xarabank?

    Xarabank is starting to remind me of Porta a Porta.

  4. Yesterday’s Xarabank was more like Peppi’s Xmas Panto…instead of grilling PBO and JM we got a pass the parcel game. Both men should by now have been replaced by others yet nobody seems alarmed that these two men who show signs of grave stupidity are clinging to their seats as if their life depends on it. Simply revolting!

  5. Peppi Automatic Washes Whiter

    nice one sully 🙂

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