i.m. jack (edition lite – les réponses)

The Stinker (blurb coming up)

The Stinker (blurb coming up)

For reasons that are not necessarily known to you all I am trying to triple my work efforts at the Court in order to be able to justify a request for long leave during the Christmas period. My work ethic requires that I completely empty the To Do list on my desk (and hopefully a bit more) so as not to burden others with my responsibilities. This obviously means just one thing – that my blogging frequency slacks and that my replies to the various comments are close to nothing. Here is a little round up of happenings in order to keep things ticking as they should.

Apologies from Apologistas (So much so & So Long As)

Fausto, bless his soul, has continued with his Santista rant and still seems to toss and turn in his sleep about it all. The apologista has given us an apologia – a defence – of his cause. Basically his point is this – you can shout that you disagree with Sant till the cows come home – you did not do that in April (when you were holidaying in Kent) so you cannto do it now. that’s the So Long As part. So long as Fausto decides you agree with Sant then you agree with Sant. Then there is the “So Much So”. He is SOOOO not a defender and apologist of Paul Borg Olivier because he criticised him. So Much So because it is int he interests of the nationalist party that PBO exits (stage left) asap. So you see Fausto is not an apologista because he does criticise PBO…. and he did so because he worries that PN might end up with their own version of JM. Well… so long as we know which side his cookie crumbles… we are Santistas! (eppur si muove).

The Anton Sammut Defence Society of One

They are still at it. Getting miffed because I DARED judge a book by its cover. I did not but that is beside the point. The bunch of philosophiles who believe that I have no patriotism when it comes to philosophy (what a load of bull – I guess the Turks don’t read Socrates coz he’s greek innit!) still cannot stomach (or maybe comprehend) the fact that this book actually caught my attention because it was marketed in the way a paperback bestseller would be. The book’s promotion sent out the unmistakeable message that whoever was promoting it was trying to get as many people to read it as possible. Which is why the Blurb’s on the backpage sucked. They not only sucked they were counterproductive. Common man – the non spoudaios of our community – would not get as turned on as a philosophile on heat by the writings on the cover. Good marketing it was not.

I don’t know why I am bothering to answer all this again but for a moment I did think that this was a matter of interest to a number of readers who had bothered to log on if only to call J’accuse a philosophical fool of the highest order (in the worst English possible may it be added). I thought that the various Stijv’s, Carmen Caruana’s, Ricky’s and Leo’s might justify some kind of squeak from this Prince of Fools. I did. Until I noticed that Carmen, Ricky and Leo are very well like the Trinity. One and the same person. Still not sure about the Stijv but for heaven’s sake mate… grow up… or read some phliosophile book will you? Wankellectuals don’t grow on trees I guess.

Bertoons for J’accuse Calendar

i’ve advertised this before and will do so again. There’s a “bertoons4j’accuse” calendar that is up for sale at Redbubble. For €18 you can have a 2009 Calendar with 13 prints of Bertu’s best scribblings for J’accuse over 2008 (chosen by yours truly). So for once you can make do without the Pirelli calendar and go for some of the best political porn in circulation. Scandalous stuff. Really.

This has been j’accuse… replying so Carmen/Ricky/Leo doesn’t have to.


7 responses to “i.m. jack (edition lite – les réponses)

  1. Fausto Majistral

    That was May and you were not holidaying in Kent. Come up with a less lame excuse!

  2. LOL. I was I was. Then wespoke about the possible changes to the left right when I came back. Hallina Faust, Hallina.

  3. @ Fausto – Ahjar tipprova tispjega din ( l-email ta PBO) u x’izik kienu qed jaghmlu f’dawn il-laqghat Ivan Falzon, Charles Demicoli u Karol Aquilina. Bilhaqq l-email kienet indirizzata wkoll lil habib tieghek Frank Psaila. Imbaghad il-PN iridha tat-trasparenti. Kif ma tisthux? U int qed tinkwieta biss ghax PBO inqabad. Ara veru “PBO is the new Jason”, imma xorta tal-misthija dawn il-laqghat fejn skoss nies ta partit fil-gvern jiddeciedu kif juzaw dik l-informazzjoni fuq nies li marrux ghand il-partit. Imbaghad arawhom hergin bl-iskuzi u l-ispin. Gharukaza. Din l-email harget fuq il-Maltatoday online (BISS). Issa ghada stennew ftit il-hniena ta San Peppi ta Xarabank u l-assoluzjoni tal-folla fis-sala….nistennew is-soltu Peppiwash. Bhad-Dixan Peppi “he washes cleaner”

    The Labour Party (PL) has finally published the infamous e-mail on data sharing between the Nationalist Party (PN) and the different government ministries sent by PN Secretary General Paul Borg-Olivier.

    The e-mail was published during a press conference hastily convened by Labour leader Joseph Muscat at 10:00 CET, with journalists being warned about the press conference with an e-mail sent at 07:45 CET.

    On his part, Muscat announced that he had written a letter to the new Data Protection Commissioner to ask him to investigate Borg Olivier’s actions.

    He revealed that on Monday, the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader had agreed on the name of the new Data Protection Commissioner, however he did not give the name of the new person.

    The e-mail was sent at 14:56 CET on 10 November by Borg-Olivier to the Prime Minister (PM) and all the cabinet ministers and parliamentary secretaries and copied to PN Deputy Secretary General Jean-Pierre Debono, OPM Communications Director Gordon Pisani, OPM Head of Secretariat Edgar Galea-Curmi, OPM customer care chief Charmaine Gerada, and PN Information Director Frank Psaila.

    However, the e-mail was inadvertently sent to Labour Secretary-General Jason Micallef instead of Parliamentary Secretary Jason Azzopardi in a faux pas that could have serious repercussions on the Government and the PN.

    The e-mail contains the minutes of a meeting held at the PN Headquarters earlier on that day between party officials and the Customer Care officials in various ministries and parliamentary secretariats in the presence of Gerada and Alfred Mangion from the OPM.

    “The meeting, which was attended by the Head Customer Care in each secretariat, was a positive one and a good beginning was made,” the e-mail added.

    “On behalf of the party attended the Secretary-General, the Assistant Secretary-General, and Margaret Mercieca [the customer care official at the Nationalist Party].

    “Also present were Ivan Falzon [MIMCOL Chairman], Charles Demicoli [Kordin Grain Terminal Chairman] and Karol Aquilina [PN Siggiewi Deputy mayor and member of the PN’s National Executive], who were involved in the process before the general elections,” the e-mail explained.

    In his e-mail, Borg-Olivier explained: “The meeting had the aim of looking at the Customer Care work and how this can be integrated better, particularly so as together we can create a strong web of communication of collective synergy so that together we can be more effective our work with all those who approach the Party and the Ministers/Parliamentary Secretariats.

    “Our aim to go for the integration of the respective work in the Customer Care department is to make the process before the general elections a process spread during the whole legislature. This can only take place if everybody takes ownership of this strategy,” Borg-Olivier insisted in his e-mail.

    “This ownership of this project and the collective commitment are also aimed at alleviating a lot from the burden that is saddled (mostly uselessly) on the Prime Minister,” the PN Secretary-General added.

    “At present we are going through the process of integrating the customer care work, which could offer:

    1. better management of complaints/requests;

    2. an improvement in the bureaucracy that saddles a lot of the process which could also collectively identify pockets of weekness (sic);

    3. a wide view of the origin of the complaints/requests as well as an indication of trends (and therefore also offers means of how we should respond);

    4. a strong audit trail in the process

    5. a maximisation of resources,” Borg-Olivier explained in his e-mail.

    “Therefore, as part of the first process to integrate the data at the same level accessible at the Office of the Prime Minister, every official in the Customer Care is being requested to forward all the data on a template which will be provided by Charmaine Gerada.

    “This data (exel – sic) should include (1) personal data on the requests that were made to the Customer Care of the Ministry/Parliamentary Secretariat in the past eight months, (2) kind of request, (3) action taken and (4) result (pending),” the PN Secretary-General said in the most damning part of his e-mail.

    “I kindly ask you to stimulate your respective Customer Care Department so that this process starts without any hindrance, in the collective interest, and so that this burden does not fall mostly on the Prime Minister,” Borg Olivier concluded his e-mail.

  4. Fausto Majistral

    Ghala, ghax ma “spjegajtx” bizzejjed? Borg-Olivier ghaffeg u mhux veru li ghedt hekk ghax inqabad. Tassew tkun hasra jekk il-verdett ta’ “Xarabank” tkun assoluzzjoni.

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  6. @Fausto -Piu patetico di cosi? Ara ahna x’jimpurtana jekk Jacques kien imsiefer u meta gie lura ma kellux aptit jew muza jikteb fuq l-ossessjoni tieghek -Sant. Tahseb li ha timpressjonana ghax hrigt tqaqqi x’qed jaghmel il-Labour meta in-Nazzjonalisti id f’id mal-gvern jispjunaw fuq ic-cittadin? U jzommu l-laqghat ta biex jiddentifikaw il-“pockets of weekness”. Ha nghilkom x’inhuma il-pockets of weakness taghkom habib – minghalikom li ghandkom xi dritt divin li tiggvernaw u lesti taghmlu minn kollox biex tkomplu taghmlu hekk. Issa jekk il-Kap taghkom – il-qdusija tieghu L Gonzi veru jiskandalizza ruhu kieku ma jaqbadx lil PBO u jghidlu “Gharukaza, igri l’hemm”? Imma ziggi jaghmel hekk. Qeghdin seww…..prosit tal-programm (ta ghada….min jaf Peppi x’ha jaqla ta ex-Laburisti li darba kellhom xi notebook ta min ha biljett ghl prima mill-kazin tal-Labour). Parir zghir Fausto….ghamel hot water bottle, poggih fuq zaqqek u intefa taht il-friex sakemm in-nies jinsew din il-qzizata (Tinkwetax – dejjem hemm ir-royal Opera house biex tnessi il-popolin)

  7. Hello there, Happy April Fool’s Day!!

    Mr. & Mrs. Goldberg had just got married. On their way to their honeymoon, Mr. Goldberg said to his new wife, “Would you have married me if my father hadnt left me a fortune?”
    She replied, “Darling, I would have married you no matter who had left you a fortune.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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