Closet Santa

Fausto has had an idea. He came up with an allegation. He has thrown it in this direction and notwithstanding any denial from our part he has gone on to milk it. Why? Because it pays. It pays to try and distract from the “apologista” label that seems to have stuck with Thermidor notwithstanding its revamp (which is cool).

What’s it about? Fausto is trying to label J’accuseas a “closet santista” simply because Fausto has decided that J’accuse approves in any way of Sant’s tabling of a list of Air Malta passengers in parliament. Answering this allegation would be a waste of time especially since here at J’accuse we have repeated time and time again that we do not condone ANY violation of citizen’s privacy. Whether it comes from PN or PL it’s still a violation. It still sucks.

What is Fausto’s interest? Well, in a very PN spin fashion we are being asked to ignore the current ruckus regarding PBO and his customer care demands. He drags out Sant and his list as though that would make PBO’s request ok. Funny indeed.

U hallina Faust. PL, PN…. J’accuse is clear – they are wrong. The citizen’s Data must be protected. No amount of labelling and defending one party or another in the PLPN omelette will improve the situation.


15 responses to “Closet Santa

  1. In this context, Jacques, what do you think of the fact that Gonzi is ignoring Muscat’s repeated calls for the appoinmtent of a new Commissioner for Data Protection, after the former one passed away?

  2. In this context “Ettore”, I think that this time round it is PN’s turn on the merry go round of wreaking havoc on public institutions by playing around with appointments and nominations. Both PL and PN have had their turn… because they can afford it in our system. You are expected to play along with the game no?

    Ask the Broadcasting Authority, ask the different Boards, ask the Ombudsman,… hell why not just ask the citizens themselves?

    So yes Ettore. It’s your turn as a bona fide Laburist to criticise Gonzi for doing what Labour leaders have done before him. And some time in the future some bona fide Nazzjonalist will have his turn to criticise Joseph too for the very same reasons.

    It’s the system…. stupid.

  3. @Jacques – What exactly is Fausto’s problem? As far as I can remeber you condemned invasion of privacy even if it was Angelina Jolie was the one doing the invading (not exactly in those terms). So how does that make you a closet Santista?
    This funny logic is hilarious – to read more of the same look up Frank Psaila’s contribution in Malta Today. Psaila is a PN information officer and he basically says that the PN has to help out the government when government doesn’t deliver.Don’t fall about laughing because Fausto – the closet Psailista might blow his top.

  4. Claire, Don’t know about Gakki, but I would let Angelina Jolie invade my privacy any time any place.

  5. At any rate it never pays to be a closet supporter of a political party. The only way to get any real rewards out of the system is all-out adulation and public displays of emotion. So why the hell would anyone want to be a closet anything, be it Santista or Gonzista? Boqq.

  6. Fausto Majistral

    “Closet Santista” was one choice amongst a number. “Cares only about freedom of movement as long as it involves pounds, shillings and pence” was another as was “condemns Labour when there’s something similar to condemn the Nationalists about so as to keep the MLPN balance”.

    Come on, Jacques. When I said nothing when you were regularly blogging about the departure tax you gave yourself the freedom to speculate why. Why can’t I have some fun too?

  7. Fausto Majistral


    Why should I have only pulling power with Nationalist chicks while Frank Psaila’s appeal seems to be so strong that his writings attract non-Nationalist like you and receive your endorsement?

    What is his secret?

  8. Fausto Majistral

    Speaking of which, do you plan to endorse Cassola this time round, Jacques?

  9. @Fausto. If it makes you feel better I’ll concede that you have the same pulling power as Frank Psaila. However (and I’m only speaking for myself here) Frank Psaila is not a role model to aspire to if you want to make women go weak at the knees, Fausto. Mumbling away about closet Santistas and quoting indigestible chunks o0f the Nationalist manifesto does not qualify as a seduction act …and you seem to be doing that most of the time … when you’re not grudging your fellow closet PBOistas (Talking about Frank here) his 15 minutes of fame as the Defender of the PN Customer Care Unit). Loosen up, there’s more to life than the Nationalist Party and groaning in ectasy when you hear a Gonzi speech.

  10. @Fausto: You said “Why can’t I have some fun too?”

    … whatever gives you the thrills man! If you get reaaaaaaaaaally bored then I’ll see if I can don a toupee for Christmas and hide in a cupboard to give you a fright! We could also immortalise the moment with a nice photo for the blog… xi tghid?

  11. @Jacques – I think we should start a “Give Fausto A Xmas Thrill Campaign”. We could give him a hamper with “The Collected Writings of Frank Psaila “(he’s the man), G-strings which are as flimsy as Fausto’s arguments, a fortune cookie containing the password to the database of Nationalist chicks and a sprig of mistletoe (for use with said Nationalist chicks and not as a self-impaling device). If you can think of anything else to thrill Fausto this Christmas, throw it in the hamper.

  12. Claire – how about a T-shirt emblazoned with the immortal script “Nivvota Labour? – Inżabbab!” worn only once by a nephew of the woman who was scandalised cos she found the word “żobb” in a dictionary?

  13. @Claire – kieku jien nibda ninkwieta. Milli jidher Fausto qed jghir ghal Frank Psaila – Nazzjonalist ferhan bhalu – ghax int semmejt lil Psaila u mhux lilu. Nahseb ghandu xi crush fuqek u dalwaqt tibda ssib xi ittri ta mhabba iffirmati “Yours Fausto Forever”.

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  15. fausto – Jacques, why don’t you set up an appointment for a pillow fight?

    Any thoughts on the old opera?

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