Credit Ratings (A new lease of life)

Unbeknownst to some, j’accuse is also in the business of giving credit where credit is due. We may dish out credit in as unwantonly a manner as a jewish tax collector but when we do dish (or ladle) it out we mean it. So credit is due to the powers natural and unnatural, pressures real and unreal and opinions reasoned and convoluted that were brought to bear upon the government in order that the Rent Reform Bill be amended in such a manner as not to exclude the fat pigs who have lived off the land from paying their dues:

Political party clubs, which were previously excluded from the reform, will now be included from January 1, 2010. There are also provisions for social clubs. (Times)

I wish I had time enough on my hands to analyse why the time-window. Something must be afoot. A Get Out Of Rent Reform Obligation Free clause that I have no time to fathom. Or maybe I’m just being the usual ill-willed non-partisan pariah whose obsession with PLPN political games might be getting at his brain.

Oh well. I’ll just wait for an unbiased illuminato like Fausto to come along and explain then. If he deems the subject worthy of his keyboard that is.

This has been j’accuse… giving credit to reform of the rent reform bill… so fausto won’t have to.


One response to “Credit Ratings (A new lease of life)

  1. Fausto Majistral

    Yeah, I wished you had the time to. Just to see which way your credit cookie crumbles. I’m pretty sure it would be a non-partisan par condicio worthy of the Broadcasting Authority.

    As to the “time-window” 1 January 2010 will probably be the day the entire Act comes into force.

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