Saturday night and there’s no way I am moving from the house. The big match is on and I am keeping all fingers crossed in the hope that the bianconeri keep their positive march going. In preparation for the big event I braved the snow and the cold (braved is a bit overdoing it) to go do my weekly shopping. Back home and I cooked up a wonderful plate of spaghetti with vongole using a lovely recipe imparted over the internet by LL (who is on the recovery).

I’ve got one question for Fausto… how does BBC iplayer work for you? Isn’t it supposed to be only accessible to people browsing from within the UK? Have you got some trick that will allow us to watch Top Gear et al? Share please.

One last thing. During my last visit on the island I was lucky enough to taste the wondrous excesses that he chef at a particular restaurant in Valletta had to offer. I have toyed with keeping the idea a bit secret until now but I think that it would be cruel. It might not be new to many of you but do not forget that I live abroad… the place is called “Al Mare”. It is still registered as a pizzeria in the Go Mobile directory but believe you me anyone wasting his time eating pizza in that establishment needs to have his head checked. Flock to the place and just dive into his seafood delicacies. Full five j’accuse thumbs up!


4 responses to “Vongole

  1. This may come as a shock to you, Jacques, but you sound like I.M.Beck. 🙂

  2. And the nerazzuri take all three points in the battle of the Chelsea rejects! I hope that those vongole were good because the result should be making you feel sick enough as it is! 😀

  3. actually i was thinking on the same lines…ie the bbc iplayer working for fausto. would love to watch top gear also

  4. Mhux ta’ b’xejn il-Malti jgħid “mitt bniedem, mitt fehma”.

    Jien ukoll nixtieq inħaddem il-bbc iplayer – iżda l-aħħar programm li nkun irrd nara huwa Top Gear – kemm minħabba l-kontenut u kemm minħabba li huwwa ppreżentat mill-aktar bniedem antipatku li qatt deher fuq skrin tat-televiżjoni.

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