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The polar ice caps are cold this year. Not that they are never cold but it seems that they are colder than last year. Which means that when it will get cold this winter it will get particularly cold. It also means snow. Lots of it. Skiing will be in vogue once again… and the snow season will be better than last. Luxembourg is gearing up for the general warm up. Apparently we will have between eight and twelve centimetres of snow tomorrow. Nice. Time to start parking the voiture in the garage again. I can’t be bothered sweeping eight centimetres of snow off the roof of the Nissan.

Smooth and Warm

Espressos. They can be quite a treat when had at the right time. For those of a particularly sensitive stomach (like myself) the right timing for a good espresso is essential. I am always tempted by those espresso machines for the home but I hold back because it would only mean imbibing larger amounts of the brew. Illy’s Francis Francis  has always been the odds-on candidate for a place in the cuisine at Rue de Bragance. There is a new eco-friendly candidate however. It’s called the presso machine and is totally manually operated. This is what it looks like in all it’s manual-powered pressure glory:

The Presso

The Presso

 Luke (warm)

Is the enthusiasm with which the new project for Juve’s new stadium that will replace the Stadio delle Alpi by 2011. I love the plans and I think I will postpone a visit to the stadium until this one is finally constructed. Last I watched Juve i was seated ultra-comfortably at the Emirates Stadium watching them trounce Arsenal in a summer friendly. The IFIL consortium would do well to take a leaf or two out of the English Premier team’s books when it comes to seeing how to construct a truly welcoming stadium. Hopefully the rather cold tifo Juventino will be transformed into the warmest centre under the biting cold of the Alps.

Artist Impression

Artist Impression


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  1. Fausto Majistral

    If you’re in an I. M. Jack mood you might like this.

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