It’s Here

(Over)Hype in a Box

(Over)Hype in a Box


The most over-hyped wine is back again. It’s that time of the year again when the Beaujolais Nouveau hits the tables of the bars and bistrots. It’s a marketing ploy andyou can let yourself go happily drinking that extra bit of wine because after all (if you really needed it) its a good excuse to let some of Bacchus’ special slide down your throat. Don’t be fooled though… it’s no big deal…it’s just a lot of noise (and colour) that is the result of a clever marketing trick that persists through the years. This is the smallest crop since 1975… which does not mean that we will not have thousands of bottles flooding the tables for the end of November.

Warning: J’accuse would like to encourage its esteemed readership to enjoy wine and alcoholic beverages with responsible moderation. If Responsible Moderation is nowhere to be seen then it is normally advisable to stop drinking when “leg” fails to obey orders from “fuzzy brain”. Driving is definitely not on the menu at that point.

Seriously. Don’t drink and drive. And drink responsibly (If you want to drink that is. You don’t have to. And you cannot if you are not 17 yet).

This has been j’accuse… wine tasting so you don’t have to.


4 responses to “It’s Here

  1. Don’t drink and drive ‘cos you could spill your drink …

  2. Hi Dr Zammit,
    I am Christine Borg, I am currently doing a BA thesis (sociology) on Transnational Kinships, my tutor is Dr Mark Anthony Falzon, and he suggested that you would be a very interesting person whom I can interview for my research. As my research depends on your experience, I would greatly appreciate your participation. Should you be willing to meet me for an interview please reply to my email address –

    Many Thanks and Regards,
    Christine Borg.

  3. Fatti :-

    1. Din kienet bloggata fuq l-inbid
    2. Dr. MAF issuggerixxa lil Ms.CB biex tintervjuwja li Gakki
    3. Ms. CB qalet lil gakki li “her research depends on Gakki’s experience”

    Issa, peress li jien iljurant u Trans-King-Ship ma nafx x’l-imniefah hu, minn dawn it tlett punti qed niddeduci li Gakki sakranazz!

  4. @ Bertu

    We’ll drink to that 🙂
    Bottoms up 😀 😀

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