Error Retrieving Data (File Not Found)

They are still at it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the choice you have come election day. It’s a choice between two parties who are about to take off  on a race entitled: “I pilfered less private citizen’s data than the other party did”. They know you have no other option, or that the other option you could have had has been adequately neutered by the laws they drafted and passed in parliament. So their marketing will start from the premiss that every party pilfers private citizen’s information – but ours does it better.

Here’s Minister Gatt (of the same party as Paul Borg Olivier) highlighting the ills of the opposition.

Minister Gatt noted that the independent report showed its satisfaction that no data from the core system of government services has been penetrated. He confirmed that the reports orchestrated in the media were a pack of lies. The opposition was free not to use Mitts e-mail accounts, but he would not accept the opposition’s crocodile tears that personal data were sacrosanct when the MLP daily trafficked in data leaked and stolen from government departments.

That’s from the PN front. Of course Labour will rebutt with their own version of a holier than thou story. What is really painful seen from this high horse is seeing intelligent beings like Fausto and Ettore (to name two) rushing to justify this or that party or (alternatively) playing along with the game and highlighting the ills of only one of the two parties. Sure, Fausto managed to overcome his choking fit and call for PBO’s resignation – only after downing that spoonful of sugar and yelling Blue Murder at Labour’s past misdeeds.

We are pawns in their little game. They’ll keep the electoral lists, the databases and the other information so long as we keep playing their game.

Time for a brain check to find out whether we can still think independently. Might be too late… you’ll know if you get this message… Error Retrieving Data (File not found).


16 responses to “Error Retrieving Data (File Not Found)

  1. Anzi ma qrajtx x’qal Victor Scerri (President tal-Kunsill PN) fuq din ta l-emails. Qal li dan qed issir halli jkun hemm iktar efficjenza. Ma qalx jekk kien qed jirreferi ghal efficjenza tal-gvern biex jaqdi lill-pubbliku jew l-efficjenza tal-PN biex ikabbar id-database.
    U hadd mhu qed jiskandalizza ruhu jew jehodha bi kbira. Tinkwetawx ta…almenu mhux qed isawwtuna

  2. Fausto Majistral

    You don’t get it, do you? As I said, in other circumstances I would have given you or any other blogger the benefit of the doubt.

    That concession is not available this time round for two reasons. First because, as I said, your disinterest in which your name probably features is striking. Secondly, because that concession was not offered to me when you were going full on over the departure tax and then inferred that I saw nothing wrong with the tax and was called a “side-stepper”.

    Once the pounds, shillings, pence issue was out of the way you lost all interest in the matter and Sant’s list (and the accompanying speech bemoaning the loss of “controls” on who’s leaving and coming in the country) did not remotely register.

    So — belatedly, perhaps — Jacques, you are a side-stepper who sees nothing wrong with information on your movements being tabled in Parliament.

  3. Fausto Majistral

    And, yes, Ettore is definitely an “intelligent being” taking as alias the name of a convicted perjurer.

  4. Fausto, x’izik qed thawwad u tberren fuq “concessions” u imbarazz simili? Mhux ahjar tghid li l-partit patetiku tieghek gerfex wahda nobbis? U mhux ahjar tammetti li hemm xi haga hazina meta wiehed mis-super strategisti taghkom ( u cioe PBO) jaghmel barbuljata ta dan it-tip. Ma jimpurtaniex x’ghamel Sant u KMB u Mintoff u probabilment x’ghad jaghmel Muscat. Li jimpurtana bhalissa li il PN qed isaqsi ghal informazzjoni dwar ic cittadini mill gvern. Dan seww?

  5. Fausto Majistral

    Skuzani, ma indikajtx li dak il-kumment kien indirizzat ‘l Jacques.

  6. @Fausto Majjistral – I’m afraid Sully is right. Try and forget the terrible terrible things that you claim the MLP/AD/Jacques might have done in the past/present/future don’t you think that having a party official requesting confidential data about citizens from government, is not just on? Or are you going to accuse us of being closet privacy freaks (as opposed to open PN apologists)?

  7. Why, Fasto, I didn’t know you cared! 🙂

    As for the perjurer thing, I have always thought that Bono was probably unjustly maligned. It would have been (and still is) quite a common thing for a nobleman of Strickland’s class to be a freemason.

    Naturally, he had to deny it as it would have been a political kiss of death in super-catholic Malta.

  8. Fausto Majistral

    Claire, I’ve had my say on Borg-Olivier.

    As to Jacques, I’m just giving him a taste of his own medicine. He deserves it.

  9. I wouldn`t say that Fausto “called” for PBO`s resignation. I would say that he meekly mouse-squeaked that maybe PBO should consider the possibility of pondering that he might just think about resigning.

    Fausto is just a silly partisan lapdog wagging his tail at anything and everything the PN does. I think that this blog can aim higher than engaging the likes of that sort of biased, one-sided punditry.

  10. Everything is relative, Simon. It probably cost Fausto a month’s supply of Rennies just to say even that. 🙂

  11. I have just noticed that Fausto said that Sant was “bemoaning the loss of “controls” on who’s leaving and coming in the country”

    This is a distortion, at best. What Sant was “bemoaning” was the fact that the PN Gov had dismantled the means of ascertaining who was CONSTITUTIONALLY entitled to vote and who was not – a vastly different propostion.

  12. @Fausto – I’m afraid I missed out on your message to Jacques or the medecine you were forcing down his throat or any sort of tit for tat thing that you have going on between you. But really this sort of Nationalist knee-jerk reaction (bringing up Labour’s past/future misdemeanours whenever the PN screws up) is becoming farcical. It does nothing to your credibility Faust, and probably detracts from your pulling power. I can imagine the scene at the Fausto pad: Woman in Fausto’s life, “Darling, you’ve left your PN embroidered pyjamas and your GonziPN socks on the kitchen table under the Nazzjon and I couldn’t find them to throw them in the wash.” Fausto: “Stop complaining woman, you sound like Joseph Muscat…and anyway Dom Mintoff, KMB and Alfred Sant also left their skid-marked underpants lying around, so you’re better off with me…” Woman in Fausto’s life scratches her head and heads for the door……….

  13. Issa anke Daphne qabdet bid-difiza ta Pawlu Borg Olivier. Bhal Fausto, dahlet lil Sant fin-nofs. Kif qalu fuq qisha iktar inkwetatha li inqabad Borg Olivier milli minn affarijiet ohra….U le….

  14. the PN apologists remind me of the Umpa Lumpas that worked for Charlie to keep the Chocolate factory running smoothly … or so they try to give the impression.

    Umpa Umpa

    Umpa Umpa …

  15. Fausto Majistral

    And what do Green Party apologists like Claire remind you of, Fab?

  16. @Fausto – Oh dear, Fausto’s miffed. I apologise Fausto…for thinking that you had a sense of humour, instead you’re acting like a stuffed moose head. I won’t go on, lest you throw another hissy fit inline. I also take back everything I said about your pulling power…I’m sure there are thousands of brainwashed Nationalist chicks who want to ravish your body ( maybe you can look them up on a handy database). Greetings from the green camp

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