Those of No Confidence

A while back J’accuse had the occasion to point out a blatant example of the confusion that exists in the mind of MLPN militant who fails to distinguish between his party and government (ok, for a long while now it has been the PN militant who believes that government and party are one and the same). The election of Ian Castaldi Paris to head the PN College of Councillors and subsequent comments were the occasion for us to point out such exemplary behaviour (see post: Dissident).

Of course we could all laugh off the incident as being related to one particularly loudmouthed party fool who could not tell where the party line ended and governmental departments began. That was then. This is now. It is now when allegations about an email sent by PN’s secretary general to government departments requesting that information regarding complainants to aforesaid departments be sent to PN HQ (apparently there is going to be some open day soon – why don’t we all scoot over and ask them to hand any files that might contain personal information about ourselves? Let’s see who is open now!).

It’s bloodcurdling news that is. A political party requesting (read ordering) that information about private citizens who have complained to government departments be passed on to the party. Anyone still sitting calmly and thanking whatever god they believe in that “at least it’s the nationalists not the ghastly lejberites who will hold the info” should be shot on sight… or at least have his or her voting document confiscated.

Not only do they rewrite laws about confidentiality and privacy to suit their whims and fancies, now they want more information. I do not care what they intended to do with it. Even if they intended to send an obligation free €500 euro cheque to every complainer, they are bloody wrong. Very very wrong. I cannot trust this party. I cannot trust any party that deems it possible to play around with private information as it feels like.

This is what pushes those Vote of No Confidence buttons. No amount of moralising and bitching will get people to pinch their noses before voting next time round. Change has come to America. We’re still waiting.


27 responses to “Those of No Confidence

  1. wait wait for the apologists to start with … Well, of course you are too young to tell about the 70s and 80s and how …

  2. Yes, Fabrizio,I’m sure we’ll be there soon….They’re probably leafing through Dion Borg’s book to refresh their memory…in the meantime the PN asks for confidential info about citizens….but that’s all right

  3. Bravo…couldn’t have said it any better myself 🙂

    Will this administration keep making any more mistakes?
    “Just watch us, Yes we can”.

  4. Which book, Claire – the one that is supposed to be about political violence in Malta and does not even mention Karin Grech?

  5. I would postpone verdict until such time as xarabank perspective hits the issue…

    come to think of it will transport reform impact on malta’s icon of democratic expression?

  6. Fausto Majistral

    No need to bring in the ’70s and the ’80s, Fab. Neither you nor Jacques were too young last May when Alfred Sant tabled a list somebody handed him of Maltese who availed themselves of cheaper AirMalta flights to fly in and vote in the last election.

  7. Lol. Tajba faust. As always. So long as the lejberites did it too…. then Pawlu BO is right. U hallina! It’s not as though you do not know that we were just as indignated by MLPN handling of private info then as we are now….


  8. Fausto Majistral

    Well, Fabrizio asked for it.

    Another thing. I’d be the first to insist that while a blogger should be held to account for what he says but not for what he doesn’t say. After all, we’re not 24/7 newsrooms.

    But as you say you’re “just as indiganted by MLPN’s handling of private info” how come you had nothing to say about that list which concerns you up close and personal?

    The man is history now so people like you might as well come out and cease being closet Santistas.

  9. Fausto Majistral

    Oh, and thanks for the mention in the Indy article. And I hope you found whatever enlightenment you were looking for in Malta.

  10. Fausto is, in the good old Maltese saying “iħallat il-ħass mal-bass”.

    Sant was airing a legitimate complaint about the way the election was manipulated. And a list of arrivals by air is something hardly confidential and a very far cry indeed from the secretary of a political party ORDERING ministers to hand over the personal details of individuals who had the temerity to complain about the governbment.

    What, exactly, does Borg Olivier plan to to with the info?

  11. Wrong Ettore. A list of arrivals by air IS confidential. I do not care for Freddie, Eddie or Lorrie to know when or where I fly to. For heaven’s sake man throw off those blinkers… it’s just what Fausto is provoking you into…

    Both Freddie and Pawlu are wrong. They have no damn right to poke their nose into private citizens affairs. Unfortunately so long as they can rest assured that most of the population will wave the flag for whatever they do will encourage them to go further.

    Now. Feel free to bring up the files from PN or MLP side about who violated citizen privacy most. It’s a bit like two rapists fighting on who lef the biggest mess on the victim. Bravi.

  12. Fausto Majistral

    If that’s the conundrum, may I infer that you think that the Nationalists are the more guilty party, if not the most guilty?

    As I said, I’m not usually in the inference business but as you push the “MLPN” meme so hard and blogged so much about departure tax I was always perplexed as to the scant interest in a list in which your name probably features.

    Same goes for the MaltaToday folk who usually show considerable interest in data protection matters. But Sant, it seems, duped them, as well as you, just by choosing to make a solemn declaration instead of taking and oath.

  13. Jacques, we are not talking about some tourist or some emigrant who came back to visit his sick aunt. We are talking about people brought over, AT PUBLIC EXPENSE, in order to swing an election. Thus, the need to ensure transparency in this matter and in the use of public funds overrides any right to individual privacy.

    Surely you can see that.

    In any case, we know waht Sant did with the info – he simpluy put a list on the table of the house.

    We still don’t know what PBO wants the info for. But it’s a safe bet that it would be nothing good for the individuals concerned.

  14. It is like when we were kids:

    ‘Isss teacher, mhux anki Alfred ghamel hekk.’

    A wrong does not justify another wrong.

  15. It’s worse than that, Fabrizio – in the case mentioned, Sant was only doing his clear and manifest duty – demanding transparency in the use of public funds and in the practise of democracy.

  16. Wonderful things these political blinkers.

    Ettore, paranoia about the other side is what makes Maltese politics such a mess. PBO probably wants the info not so that he can blackmail people or harm them in any way but in a misguided attempt to keep ministers accountable for the happiness of individuals and keep the government close to the people.

    As for Sant and my right to vote…people have been brought down to Malta to vote at public expense for decades now. Sant chose to play cry baby because this election was so close and the non-resident vote probably did swing the election this time. Instead of tabling private data acquired illegally, he could have tabled a bill proposing the introduction of postal voting.

    Fausto, why are you allergic to calling a spade a spade, as opposed to one of several garden implements of which the MLP also has a fine collection?

  17. Political blinkers are peculiar in that they must be the only article of clothing which can only be seen when worn by somebody else. And the biggest, most opaque pair are those worn by people who think that anybody who disagrees with them MUST be wearing blinkers.

    I do not think that a list of people who benefited from public funds can ever be held to be confidential – transparency and accountability demand otherwise. When it is combined with the constitutional right to vote – or lack of it – the matter becomes even graver.

  18. Nope. A list of passengers on a commercial flight should remain confidential. It’s great yelling about Public Funds – where do we stop then Ettore? Why not publish a list of all the names of people assisted to get to vote?

    The service has been in place for years Ettore. It is agreed to by both parties (and we are not even mentioning the challenges to voters living abroad). This time it was Labour’s turn to gripe – they thought nationalist voters came by the planeload…

    What you forget, Ettore, is that the reason why the list is tabled (after the election is lost) is that the parties seem to “know” who voted what and the losing party feels bitter. I don’t care how many nationalists, labourites or assholes like myself carrying a wasted vote were on that flight.

    Alfred Sant was not the protector of civil rights at that point. It was sour gripes (sic). The issue of voters abroad should have been dealt with before: as Justin suggests voting in Embassies might have done the trick and saved money. But are MLPN worried about that? No sir. They will make a fuss when it suits them… and not YOU.

    Transparency and accountability my foot. It’s a list of voters flying in subsidised by public funds because the parties managing the public system deem it fit that way. What does publishing the names have to do with transparency and accountability? Would it be ok if those flying in were mostly labour?

    I guess so. That would make all of us mostly stupid.

  19. Yes, the shocking thing about the Sant allegations on voters flying in from abroad was that he said something on the lines of: “75% were ‘Nationalists’, only 25% were ‘Labourites'” That was his main contention.

  20. You said it all in your first line, Jacques “A list of passengers on a commercial flight should remain confidential”. We are not talking about conmmercial flights here, but special subsidised election flights.

    And please note that Sant did not publish any names – he placed a list on the table of the house.

    DF, Sant said more than that – he alleged that there was a special unit within Airmlta (naming names) charged with selecting the “right people” to travel. In any other democratic country, this would have been immediately followed by a public magisterial inquiry – but Not In Malta.

  21. As far as I know nobody who applied for the subsidized election flights was turned down.

  22. Fausto Majistral

    Yeah, a public magisterial inquiry over an unresourced 23% figure which, not only could Sant have made out of thin air, but, which even, if correct would just prove that Labour expats with the right to vote a less than their Nationalist counterparts.

    This is not a case of alleging that the reservations on those flights were “engineered”; Sant could have done that without tabling the list. No, this is Sant showing off that despite this being restricted information he still has his moles in AirMalta. If the current Borg-Olivier story made Jacques’ blood curdle, that should have given him a thrombosis.

  23. Fausto Majistral

    @Justin BB

    Incapability of calling a spade a spade? The blog owner has just claimed I had a choking fit doing just that.

  24. Fausto Majistral

    @Justin BB

    Incapability of calling a spade a spade? The blog owner has just claimed I had a choking fit doing just that.

  25. Allergy Fausto, not incapability. Allergies do sometimes cause less-than-fatal choking fits.

    U tant biex inkun offendejt lill-partiti kollha, Fausto naqbel mieghek mija fil-mija dwar li ghidt dwar Arnold Cassola fuq il-blog tieghek. Ma nistax nikkummenta hemm u allura ha ndejjaq lil Jacques u nghidha hawn: li stajt nikkumenta kont inzid li issa li ddecieda li jsir kap tal-AD mhux suppost ghandu commitment li jibqa’ Malta? Qed ikun naqra wahda opportunist, u l-AD qed ikunu totalment amateurs.

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