Niggardly Acts

What do Enid Blyton’s granddaughter and Carm Mifsud Bonnici have in common? Not much really unless your mind works in really really serendipitous ways. Blyton’s granddaughter has been commissioned by the owners of rights to Noddy to publish a new story in the series. There will still be no sign of the famous Gollywogs that featured in the early editions but were removed by the politically correct masses indignant at the role afforded to “black” characters in the book. Later reprints would feature monkeys in the place of gollywogs… so long as the PC mass are happy…

But back to Carm. He is also busy preparing a new publication. The Times reports that in his intervention during the budget debate MP Carm Mifsud Bonnici said that “A bill attacking xenophobia and racism is being prepared and will be presented to Parliament in the coming days”. Needless to say the rent-a-xenophobe crowd are already having a field day in the comments section. Like little kids testing the disciplinary limits of their parents they are asking silly questions like “Is declaring that 8th September commemorates victory over Ze Germans considered to be xenophobe?”

Blyton had her gollywogs. The nationalist government has its token contribution to the drive to wipe out racism. An act akin to the libel laws – it will be very fruitful for lawyers, very cumbersome for the courts and the interpreters of the laws and absolute hogwash when it comes to contributing towards the education of the population with regards to tolerance and understanding.

Niggardly indeed.


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