En Route

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J’accuse is en route to Malta as you read this post. Three hours of coach, two hours waiting, three hours plane and then hopefully I will be at the MIA. Don’t you just love the way we are connected? I’ll be on the island for a couple of days. If you know of anything interesting to turn up to (apart from Rupert’s Tango class – just found out there’s the Book Fair) do drop me a line. On the To Do List is the purchase of Stagno’s new book Ramon u l-Brikkuni z-Zerbinotti (thanks Victor)- hopefully in normal format – I’ve seen the pencilbox cover and though it’s cool it’s impractical. Stagno had better revise his opinion of Emilio Lombardi though…. otherwise things may get personal.

So. I am off. See you when in sunny Malta (yeah right… I know… I’ve been warned).


11 responses to “En Route

  1. Victor Laiviera

    “Żerbinotti” not “Brikkuni”, I think.

  2. Yes, Zerbinotti. Missed the book launch Arghh.

    The weather is fine Jacques.

  3. Perhaps it was a Freudian slip on your part, but the Brikkuni gig should be one to look out for. It’s on the 16th. Something tells me that in years to come people will be claiming they were there when they actually weren’t.

  4. i went to the zerbinotti book launch. it was great. guze got an actor to read out parts of the book, complete with flashbacks on screens around the room. totally cool.
    guze kicks ass big time!

  5. Just read “Ramon u z-Zerbinotti” – laughed till I cried especially at the “Debbie does Dallas” bit and letter to Fr. Colin

  6. for the kicks

  7. Birthday Greetings to Jacques Rene! Ad Multos Annos!!! Hope yesterday’s pasta went down well….:) Heard the flight spiel before from my cousin of course. meh! Try going to Denmark, that is all I say.

  8. How long are you staying? there is an Immanuel Mifsud book launch on the 20th.

  9. we hope to bump into you then! call ban ! 🙂

    have a good flight !

  10. Excellent article in the independent
    Sunday Nov 16

  11. Ejja, aggornate the site you lazy basted!

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