So it seems everyone and his brother (and sister) have been having a fun time on my blog’s comment section. I did not have that much time to keep up with the Joneses and with the Aliases. Tant pis… I always like that bit of fun and frolicke as well as that guarded trading of witty insults or base euphemisms. I am glad to notice Vlad is back (as is his blog http://burningbin.blogspot.com/ – you had me in fits wih the Pippo Psaila business – a year’s supply of punctuation rotfl).

Now for a bit of the fire and brimstone. This blog has been around ever since other so-called bloggers coud not tell a post from a comment. Its main philosophy has been “the truth if I lie”. If you are not sufficiently steeped in Jewish or French culture to understand that then it’s your problem, nobody’s perfect. Other philosophies that are the mainstay of J’accuse include: “this blog is mainly for my pleasure” which translates loosely into the presumptious notion of like it or leave it. I don’t care if you think it is going down the dumps, because the fact is… it isn’t.

What does go down the dumps is the person commenting whenever aforesaid person reduces their intervention to trading of base insults, inconsequential rumour mongering and general labelling of the masses. I for one believe in letting people have their say on anything – which is one of the reasons of the success of this blog. I am not too partial to anonimity but I will not condemn those who use it. More than anonimity it is the contents of some comments that get on my tits (pardon my feminism). Stupid is what stupid does and hell, is there some stupid going around nowadays?

In case you have been too spaced to notice, I have not had that much time to update the blog as regularly as I would like. It does not mean that the quality deteriorates. You just get lesser doses of the prime stuff. It also means that I am sometimes prone to use deviant and devious tricks such as provoking the devil, his covens and the little elves into some entertaining debauchery. Live on J’accuse. Yep it’s a pathetic display and the irony is lost on some when a perfectly normal discussion redescends to the depths of pathetic display-ism after a particular intervenor resurfaces.

Oh by the way. My dad reads this blog. He can be a bit of a prude so let me just reassure him that although I too have been known to offend some people by resorting to names of body parts (correct spelling and all) every now and then I generally find that I do not need to use such feeble discourse and prefer wit, sarcasm and irony. The funny named individuals who have taken to genitalia as a hobby are not J’accuse dad. They are just guests on J’accuse who fail to understand the basic tenets of being polite when hosted. Do not expect them to improve. They are part of the fun of blogging. Of course J’accuse does not accept any responsibility for comments posted on the blog.

That’s it for now I guess. It’s 2.38am and this mini-rant is almost over. Not without a quote from the code which started all codes. Hammurabi’s of course:

If any one bring an accusation against a man, and the accused go to the river and leap into the river, if he sink in the river his accuser shall take possession of his house. But if the river prove that the accused is not guilty, and he escape unhurt, then he who had brought the accusation shall be put to death, while he who leaped into the river shall take possession of the house that had belonged to his accuser.

Funny, I thought the trial by water was reserved for witches…. and terrorist suspects in Guantanamo. Accusers of the world unite… and jump on the count of three.

This has been J’accuse… letting off some steam so you don’t have to.


21 responses to “Hammurabi

  1. So, finally, will you tell us what makes you a Christian Democrat? What makes a journalist?

  2. Ksirtna! x’hasla dik hej 😦

  3. I don’t see your point re CD Fausto. What makes you what? You want a manifesto or what?

    As to what makes a journalist – ask the Malta Press Club, Joe Saliba or some other know-it-all guru… if you are still brooding about the reference to too many people who have held a mic getting into parliament … tough shit… it’s the truth and no amount of shifting of categories will get you out of the fact….

  4. Fausto Majistral

    Some posts back you said you still consider yourself a Christian Democrat. Seemed strange to me since posts might imply that, at most, you’re a Christian Democrat minus the Christian.

    As to the journalist, I think I got it. Everyone’s a journalist … you, me … anyone who’s ever held a mic, typed an article, appeared on TV, heard on radio. Yes, then there are many “journalists” in Parliament … 69.

  5. Fausto Majistral

    So no need for a manifesto, just a simple explanation why “Christian Democrat” still applies to what you believe in.

  6. For God’s sake Fausto. ‘Journalists’ means the David Agius/Joseph Muscat/Clyde Puli/Glennfidditch Bedingfield types who establish a strong partisan platform presenting programmes which could be called L-Ohrajn Qatta Cwiec or Kemm Hu Bravu il-Mexxej/Kap Kbira Taghna, only to morph into politicians who preach about ‘the national interest’ five years later. Which is why Joseph Muscat must be taken with sack-fulls of salt.

    Fhimt issa Majistral?

  7. Daphne Caruana Galizia

    Anonymity has two ys and one i.

    The golden rule of writing in English – as opposed to writing in Italian, French or Maltese – is this: don’t say it in 10 words when you can say it in one.

    Don’t overwrite.

    Don’t write when you have nothing to say and can’t be bothered to entertain. It’s the equivalent of taking to the stage and humming.

    If you have to describe your own writing as witty, sarcastic and ironic, then you can rest assured that it is none of those things.

  8. Daphne Caruana Galizia

    And you still haven’t adjusted the time settings on your blog. They’re on summer-time.

  9. By the same analogy, anyone who describes herself as being”quite easy on the eye” usually isn’t.

  10. Daphne Caruana Galizia

    Yes. But it all hinges on the ‘usually’.

  11. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I meant… in a nutshell. (chortle) And she’s right about anonymity… just in case you were considering j’accuse as your measure of correct ingrish. The trapeze artists were unavailable for comment.

  12. No, Daphne. It doesn`t hinge on the “usually”. In this case, it hinges on the “easy on the eye”. Take my word for it – I have eyes.

  13. For someone making such heavy weather of Michelle Muscat barging into a function uninvited and breaching codes of polite conduct, Daphne’s behaviour on these pages is pretty exceptionable.
    What to say then of tips on English usage written in a style that is hardly Orwellian in form or length?
    Daphne would be better off following her own advice and writing nothing when she has nothing worthwhile to say. Chance would be a fine thing.

  14. @ Daphne – I am afraid that you’re turning into a nit-picking bore swooping down to tick people off for their typos. That’s when you’re not making nasty insinuations about Michelle Muscat (who else). How did you reach the conclusion that she “forced” her way into the opening of the apartments for relatives of cancer sufferers? Why did you write that the cameras which filmed the event were invading the children’s privacy when it was clearly stated that permission had been asked for and granted?
    The usual baseless insinuations from your end.

  15. Daphne for Dummies

    @ David – Very briefly – the answer to all your questions. It’s only Lawrence and Kate who should be filmed with cute gaggles of schoolchildren (every day before the election), posing sweetly after taking part in a beach clean up/long walk with ramblers. That is sincerity. When Joseph and Michelle Muscat do it…that’s horrendous (for Daphne)

  16. shakespeare (issa bil-malti)

    Daphne rat il-footage ta Michelle Muscat
    Daphne irabbjat u inkazzat
    Kif jista jkun li mara Laburista taghmel xi haga sura?
    Li mhiex hoxna, kera, hamalla u cercura?

    Intefa fuq il-laptop u spara l-hdura.
    Jekk mhux kollox verita …u iva…allura.
    L-importanti li tkisser lil Joseph u l-mara
    U ma jimpurtax jekk taqa’ fil-hara

  17. @ Jacques Zammit. This comment may be out of place but I wanted to congratulate you on your articles. I like them because they’re not only concerned with local politics and cucati. Keep it up.

  18. Wise young man

    Ergajna waqajna fuq is-soltu paroli vojt: jekk Daphne hiex sabieha jew kerka, kemm ghandha sorma kbir (jew zghir), x’taghmel meta tmur tiehu kafe, ecc… Insomma, kif ghidt qabel, certu nies (ez. Daphne for Dummies) jitkellmu biss meta tigbdilhom l-ispaga Daphne.

  19. @Wise Young Man – ghandek zball. Fil-kummenti t’hawn fuq m’hemm ebda referenza ghad-dimensjonijiet tal-warrani ta Daphne, x’gara meta marret tiehu kafe etc. Forsi hemm referenza ghal dak li qalet Daphne stess u cioe li hi “easy on the eye” imma xejn oltre dan.
    Huwa minnu li Daphne tqanqal ir-risposti ghax tghid certu porkeriji u tiprovoka semplicement biex ikollha dan l-effett. Hemm hafna nies li ilhom isegwu il-kitbiet taghha u jinnutaw kemm mhiex konsistenti (meta oghla d-dawl u l-ilma Sant kieku taf kemm qerdet u issa qisu xejn mhu xejn; ghax Michelle Muscat marret ghal-ftuh ta dawk l-apartamenti akkuzata ta ma nafx xiex – imma li l-Prim Ministru u l-ministri jippuzaw ma tfal ta l-iskola ma jimpurtax). U n-nies jikkumentaw fuq dan il-blog ghax almenu Jacques ihallihom jikkumentaw (alavolja hafna drabi jizvijaw mill-argument originali) u ma jinfexx jghajjarhom skoss impotenti u ghajjurin.
    – Parir zghir ta habib – kieku jien nitghallem kif tikteb “sabiha” qabel nintefa nghamilha ta Elf ta Daphne…

  20. Dear Sully, jekk trid tghidli Elf ta’ Daphne affari tieghek, imma forsi ta’ min ifakkrek li Malta aktarx li ma tinqasamx bejn min ihobb u min jobghod lil Daphne. Bhal kull bniedem iehor, daqqa titkellem bis-sens u daqqa tghid ic-cucati, daqqa tghid affarijiet li nsibhom interessanti u drabi ohra le. B’daqs hekk ma jfissirx li bhal xi bahnan se noqghod nitbaqbaq favuriha jew kontriha u nqis kemm ghandha sorma kbir jew zghir, jew jekk it-tifel taghha hux se jilhaq avukat jew nutar, jew jekk li qalet dan ix-xahar jaqbilx ezatt ma dak li qalet ghaxar xhur ilhu.

    Nirringrazzjak tal-parir dwar l-ortografija, pero jekk se nkomplu nithaddu fuq kemm nafu jew ma nafux niktbu bil-Malti u bl-Ingliz (kif taghmel Daphne u issa qed taghmel ukoll int) se naqaw fil-vojtagni. Din hija blog u mhux ezami tal-Matsec tal-Malti jew tal-Ingliz. Xi drabi noqghod attent waqt li nafas il-buttuni tal-keyboard u drabi ohra le. U issa hallejtek ghax dahlu n-nies fir-reception …

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