Those Bloody Sicilians (and the Budget)

So that’s what the budget is all about. Undercutting the Sicilian alcohol vendors that’s what. We’re gonna get them by the balls. First we will reduce excise duties on alcohol so that it is no longer affordable to pop over to Misterbianco and stock up on the scotch and limoncello and then… to really hit them where it hurts… we will up the minimum drinking age (and tax bomb alcopops).

For crying out loud. Did you need any clue that this government would be tax hungry? Higher vehicle registration, higher petrol and higher diesel costs. It is more expensive to buy and own a car but has anyone heardanything about a General Transport Upheaval Plan? Of course not. Because a government without a clue is all about thinking of transport as a source of taxes and not in terms of ways to incentivise every citizen to reduce his carbon footprint. 

The cliché tax on swimming pools is still in place – funny how the second next summer luxury has not been taxed yet… a tax on airconditioners is what we need next.  Again headless planning was evident in the scheme to incentivise bike buyers. The government will pay 15% of your next two wheeled motorless vehicle. Problem is that given the state of the roads and ridiculous design of bike lanes the 15% incentive will only go to buying Little Tommy’s Christmas present. Might as well subsidise the purchase of helicopters.

There’s the usual tinkering regarding women who give birth and return to work. Part of the nationalist fixation with political correctness and the obsession to encourage everyone to have babies. The five energy saving bulbs will finally see the (energy-saving) light as you will receive vouchers to redeem them. Question is do you save more or less now that the price of electricity has gone up? One for the math O’ Level that is.

Before I forget. Tony Zarb did not like the budget and Joseph Muscat thinks its irresponsible. The moon is up and the sun will rise tomorrow. Some thing swill never change. The nationalists will now be gloating about how green this budget is. It’s not. “Green”, in PN terms, is an excuse for taxation in the nationalist’s books. 

This has been j’accuse… reviewing the budget highlights quickly quickly… so you don’t have to.


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