Interesting this. I was reading an innocuous report about the ascent of Ian Castaldi Paris (ICP) to the dizzy heights of President of the PN Councillor’s College when I came across an interesting statement made by a sort of Nationalist Deep Throat – an “insider”. Ok the report is to be found on Maltatoday and therefore some sensationalism is to be expected but here is the piece that got the j’accuse brain ticking:

A PN insider said that Castaldi Paris’s election showed the PN’s ability to co-opt ‘dissidents’ by giving them meaningful roles in the party. The Lija mayor’s campaign on the Belvedere development was victorious when the Malta Environment and Planning Authority took an unprecedented step to revoke the permits and declare a buffer zone, limiting development in Transfiguration Avenue to two storeys. Castaldi Paris openly clashed with the PN’s Siggiewi mayor Robert Musumeci, who was the architect of the project.

Dissidents? Pity we cannot know who is using such an interesting word with regard to ICP’s courageous fight in favour of Casal Lia’s Transfiguration Avenue. In any case it does speak volumes about perception of fidelity towards the party and its flag.

As far as I know ICP was contesting a permit issued by MEPA for a project which had Mr Robert Musumeci as an architect. The only relevance of the Nationalist Party in this matter is that ICP was elected as mayor of Lija on a PN ticket.

MEPA is an independent authority (stop the sniggering in the back) that has nothing to do with the Nationalist Party (ok, one more guffaw and you will be punished). Mr Musumeci’s role as architect of the proposed development has nothing to do with his role as Mayor of Siggiewi. So will someone explain how ICP’s standing up for his constituents’ rights can be interpreted as being the action of a “dissident”?

I am convinced (morally so) that the “PN Insider” is not the only one to think of ICP as a “dissident”. For to them “dissident” means opposing MEPA which means causing trouble for government. It means standing up to a project EVEN THOUGH the architect of that project is a PN Mayor when not wearing his architect hat. More than this, the labelling of ICP as a dissident straight after his election to the Presidency of the PN Councillor College is, according to these people, another feather in the cap of the PN ALL INCLUSIVE CLUB.

That, or maybe a way of shutting up the feisty elements in the PN by giving them comfy appellatives and titles while hoping that next time round they cause less of a ruckus by keeping their disagreements in-house.

Dissident indeed.


5 responses to “Dissident

  1. just to change a wee bit the subject … there is an election going on in the States.

    Obama? obama?

    hmm… you added nick cave to your bandiera gialla: big fan or what?

  2. Yeah! i’d vote Obama too.

    Yeah! Love Nick Cave.

  3. The results should be out late this eve. Cross fingers – the Americans are very unpredictable.

    I think this election revealed a very strange and complex country.

    on Nick – I loved what he did with the ‘Grinderman’.

  4. … and with a mustache to boot 😛

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