Going Medieval (The Witch Project)

Helen Duncan

Helen Duncan

Of course we have not missed the storm that has kicked up between the man we like to call Hogan and DCG. It seems that Hogan drew three hundred and thirty first blood and Daffers replied with a rather vitriolic repartee. Lovely stuff for the net oglers as the battle seems to be hyping up.

Daffers is particularly miffed by Hogan’s appending of the label “witch” to describe her. She duly responds by, among other things raising the (subject of) the dead and opening the Lorry Sant files. Whatever the spat between the two may be (it seems to involves boyfriends, girlfriends, selective reporting and general self-aggrandising thoughts) we are more interested here in the witchy element.

Being an assiduous follower of science fiction, particularly of the otherworld kind, I have developed an affinity to the world of witches and wizards. It is thus with Faustian trepidation that I move to explain that witches are not only the subject of the middle ages.

The Witchcraft Act of 1735 (which up until the Colonial Laws Validity Act also might have applied to Malta – my constitutional law history might need polishing) was used during World War II in the Uk. It was used against Scottish spiritualist Helen Duncan who, it was alleged, was using her powers to reveal military secrets.

Police raided one of her séances and charged her with conjuring up spirits. She was found guilty and sent to Holloway Prison¹. Witchcraft of any description was not decriminalised until 1951 – although the police did raid Helen Duncan one last time in 1956.

A campaign to have Helen Duncan posthumously pardoned continues.

1 – After the verdict, Winston Churchill wrote a memo to Home Secretary Herbert Morrison, complaining about the misuse of court resources on the “obsolete tomfoolery” of the charge.


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  1. Insomma Daphne kompliet dak li beda Lorry Sant. Lorry prova jirikatta lil Wenzu (u forsi anke lil Duminku) billi hedded li jizvela affarijiet ta natura personali u li jinvolvu terzi persuni – u Daphne zvelat kollox 17-il sena wara l-fatt sempliciment b’sens ta vendikazzjoni u hdura ghax forsi Wenzu Mintoff semmiha (xejn spettakolari) f’xi artiklu. Allura Daphne mhux “thug” bhalu? Imbasta tiktkaza ghax il-MaltaToday gaghlu l-mara kornuta ta l-ex Kummisarju “to writhe in silent agony” – imma li twegga n-nies hi ma jimpurtax.

  2. Daphne’s modus oprandi has always been the same – get personal, down and dirty when she’scriticised – despite going on about how rational, logical etc she is – she rarely rebuts with clear arguments but with nasty and largely irrelevant comments about her critics’ personal life. She couldn’t rise above Balzan’s puerile “witch” comment by just calling him “ugly” or “fat” – she just had to drag in his dead wife, girlfriend and whatnot. Another form of character assasination and moral intimidation

  3. I haven’t been following DCG’s blog for a very long time but it strikes me as being full of gossip and unimportant details about people’s sex life . does anybody care who saviour balzan is seeing> why bring up wenzu mintoff’s mother? the woman has sex on the brain – she doesnt seem to get much of it as she’s blogging all the time

  4. We all have our dirty little secrets – Daphne likes to publish those of others – who knows what will happen if they decide to reveal hers

  5. Ok. Now that everyone has had his Daffer-bashing fun how about remembering that this blog post is about witches? Nothing to do with Daffers.

    Xi tghidu eh?

  6. U ejja Jacques – tibdiex taghmel bhal Fausto li meta tmur ftit out of point jibda jirabbja (min jaf meta kien l-iskola kemm kien idahhal kumpassi fil-bajd ta dak ta hdejh ghax l-essay tieghu tkun out-of-point). Il-kwistjoni tal-hdura, tal-character assasination u l-vjolenza morali hi iktar interessanti minn dik ta l-ishahar. Madankollu wahda mid-definizzjoni ta “witch” hija “hag”. Issa Daphne ilha tghidilna kemm hi sabiha, twila, senswali, eccitanti, bomba ecc (kumbinazzjoni hi biss tghidu dan il-kliem) – imma hemm min jahseb li tixbah sahhara jew hag – verzjoni XXXXL (u l-X m’ghandiex taqsam ma X-rated jew sexy imma KBIR HAFNA) – allura hemm in-ness tieghek

  7. talking about witches & wizards – Alan Montanaro’s rendition of the witch was superb…we had such a laugh!

    She is definitely not half as pretty as she makes herself out to be, far from it in reality.

    And her personal attack on Saviour is downright shocking, beyond ethics/ etiquette and simply mean.

    It’s about time the Institute of Journalists gave her a warning to stop being so rude & crude….

  8. I get it, I get it. You guys think it is cooler to get the chips off here than directly on Running Commentary. She’ll be coming round to get you any moment now… don’t say I did not warn you!


    Besides… my site needed the hits… in moments of advanced lethargy coupled by too much to do elsewhere i needed to find something to get the comments coming in….

    Below the belt innit? This has been j’accuse… provoking you so she doesn’t have to!

  9. P.S. Have no idea what the Alan Montanaro performance refers to. Is Alan still obsessed with Dames & Witches? Do people STILL find that kind of thing funny? Har har har! (sez the one who dressed up as a crazed indian scientist who farts too much for panto)

  10. Iva Jacques – nipreferi nikkumnta fuq dan il-blog milli fuq il-blog ta Daphne – sempliciment ghax hawnhekk jekk tkun ftit provokattiv ma jaqbez hadd fuqek u jghajrek ghax il-buznanna kienet bieset il-kapillan (meta it-tnejn kellhom 12-il sena u hu ma kienx kapillan).
    Wenzu Mintoff u Saviour Balzan mhumiex irgiel li tista tghidilhom “universally appealing” pero li hu taghhom trid taghtihomlom. Meta l-MLP kien fl-aghar tieghu Wenzu telaq mill-partit u ma bezax. U Saviour mhux laqghi tal-gvern u ta Gonzi (dan l-ahhar Daphne kitbet kif Lawrence Gonzi sar idolu tal-Maltin u sahansitra ghamlu fridge magnet tieghu). Jidhirli li dawn huma ragunijiet bizejjed biex ma tattakomx personalment …. imbaghad hemm id-dicenza u l-etika….imma Daphne ma tantx jimpurtaha fuq dawn ta l-ahhar
    L-attakk fuq Saviour kien viljakk ghax hadd ma jaf x’hemm bejn il-mizzewgin. Daphne qatt ma daret ma zewgha li qed imut bil-cancer kif ghamel Saviour. Qatt ma ghexet b’dik ix-xabla mdendla fuq rasha. Ma jimpurtahiex miz-znin twal ta dwejjaq u disprar. Li joghgobha isemmi hu l-fatt li ghandu relazzjoni ma ohra issa – wara limietet. U allura?

  11. I’m surprised at you all. Daphne always writes in this way. She is not analytical. She just says x is gay, Y is pathetic, Z is ignorant, A is low-class (all of them are usually Labour supporters). She does it to attract attention. She is an attention-junkie. She’s like those Gift of Life people she hates – they do anything to be in the limelight. So does she

  12. What really amuses me is the way DCG projects her own faults on other people. She thinks saviour balzan had it coming because he insulted people regularly over the years. Erm…she does it more often than him. I havent always read Maltatoday but i never came across saviour balzan saying anything about DCG’s personal life, and yet she does

  13. Dafni tatha rasha ghax il-budget tal-PN ha jwahax il-pajjiz u ma tistax tghajjar lil Alfred Sant ghax zied il-kontijiet tad-dawl u l-ilma. Allura qed tinfexx fit-tghajjir u attakki personali…lanqas li ma drajtuhiex

  14. U kemm hadet ghaliha meta gabu t-tifel taghha fuq it-televixxin. Jahsra dak il-pupu zghir tal-mama, x’ghamlulu dawk il-bullies tas-Super One ! Kif kissruh tifel fragli u inncoenti! Kif ivittimizzawh! Dik vjolenza! X’ghamlulu? Zvelaw xi qrun ta nanntu? Sawwtuh bil-ktajjen? Le…iffilmjawh ghal erba sekondi….Dik vjolenza!

  15. Daphne for Dummies

    You’re as daft as she is if you continue visting her blog. All it does is increase the number of hits she gets. If you comment she will censor you or else start bitching about Alfred Sant/Alfie Rizzo/Joseph Muscat/Saviour Balzan /anyone else she hates (its a LOOOOOOOOONG list). She craves the oxygen of publicity ….without it she is just another broad who uses her newspaper and her blog to have revenge on the MAAAAANY people she hates

  16. Qeghdin sew insomma. I think there’s a niche in the Maltese market for celebrity gossip which needs to be filled pronto before someone blows a gasket. There’s a thirst for it it seems. Daphne – shocking ‘Black Magic’ revelations! Saviour – hasn’t trimmed that bird’s nest in a year! Wenzu – sizzling revelations! Andrew l-Bocca – look at the greedy guzzler’s double chin! Joseph – sexy leader gets sweaty on the treadmill!

    It could be called Sahna Magazine.

  17. Daphne for Dummies

    There are many people who take pleasure in watching other people suffer – its called schadenfraude. Daphne knows this. She caters to a need – a niche market of nasty people who have nothing better to do than enjoy imagining what it’s like to have your private life revealed for no public purpose than increasing Daphne’s readership. J Zammit and Sigmund Bonello try to make light of it . There are many people reading who dont find it at all funny.
    Daphne pretends that it is important for everybody to know who Dom Mintoff was screwing seventeen years ago. It is not. Even if it was then, life has moved on….she has not

  18. tits are droopy, no-one to scratch my sexual itch
    I rub against my laptop, think of Labour and start to bitch
    They’re all such pervy hung-up freaks
    I’ve got enough ammo to keep me writing for weeks
    When I’m tired and my juices have run dry
    I type in another innuendo (I can’t do a plain lie)
    Sex and socialists – I’ve got them on the brain
    It happens with ugly hags whose star is on the wane

  19. Sad sad sad.

    Still can’t get over how many people cling strongly to the safe haven of anonimity before shooting off the hip like some renegade cowboys.

    Righteous Kill. Anyone watched it?

  20. Daphne Caruana Galizia

    Oh, look! It’s the Jealous Little People’s Support Group: Envious Mini-Pricks Anonymous (and that includes the women). The solution to your problems isn’t an anonymous Let’s Bitch At Daphne Because We Don’t Have What She’s Got support group. Nor is it a pill. It’s getting for yourselves whatever it is you think I’ve got and you deserve instead.

    The problem with you losers is that nothing any of you ever say or do, or achieve – achieve? did I say achieve? – will ever amount to a hill of beans. And that gets you. Well, what can I say? Tough.

    As for the sexual remarks – the last time I heard that kind of thing was at Fortizza circa 1979: the loser boys slagging off the girls who wouldn’t so much as look at them. Funny how some men never grow up. And how some women still don’t so much as look at them.

    You know what you remind me of? The ugly, stupid no-hoper girls with acne and frizzy hair and half a brain between them, who used to huddle in a corner and bitch about the popular girls at school. But what they really wanted, of course, was to be the popular girls, or if not that, then at least to be in with the popular girls and be included in their fun lives. The big secret to popularity? Get yourselves a damned personality and a bit of spirit, instead of scrabbling around at the bottom of the sea-bed like a bunch of anonymous sea-cucumbers. Pity you can’t see me do the L sign on my forehead with my thumb and forefinger: L-O-S-E-R-S.

    Over and out, Jacques. You haven’t a hope in hell of getting this sorry lot to use their own names. They’re anonymous because they’re still hoping the popular girl might smile at them next time they meet her. Saddos. And as for the men, it begins with W.

  21. Daphne, have you ever thought of taking a sabbatical from it all? Surely some quality time away from the crazy little island would do you a world of good. You’d get away from the morons, the envious little bastards, the perverts, the goateed Opposition leader who makes your skin crawl, the prejudiced, the plain boring losers…

    There are several more peaceful jobs elsewhere. Maybe you won’t be right in there in the cut-and-thrust of big political life but, hey, you’d get some good karma going. Whatever – reporting puffin migration off the Icelandic coast, covering the annual harvest in Slovakia, doing some fieldwork with the Mormons.

  22. Daphne Caruana Galizia

    My life is here. And while I would dearly love to work with puffins in Iceland or gorillas in the mist, that isn’t an option for the foreseeable future because I actually prefer publishing. I get away quite a lot – a minimum of 10 times a year. I just don’t tell you about it. And I take my laptop with me so that you never know whether I’m in Timbuctoo, having a laugh at the saddos while at a house party in Cannes, or sitting in my living-room watching Super One.

  23. DCG’s contributions over the past fifteen years or so represent some of the best analysis of contemporary Maltese politics and society. Is she always right? No, but she’s provocative and stimulating which is more than I can say about most of her critics. And honestly, who would you rather read instead? Marie (“I love Socialism, now pass me another glass of champagne dear”) Benoit?

  24. Actually you do inform us about your escapades from time to time. The Chateau d’If and all that rhino…

    Ah Daphne, Daphne. The guilty pleasure of it all. We picture you clearly: nipping away naughtily from Marcel’s cocktail party in Juan-les-Pins to your pastel-coloured chambre where loyal lap-top awaits for a quick peek at the latest developments on the Poodle front. Never a dull moment.

    But these occasional escapades aren’t what the doctor had in mind. It’s not quite the same as the liberation of punching out for a year or two.

  25. Daphne Caruana Galizia

    Carole in Mougins, actually. People with a household to run, two dogs and an embryonic publishing business don’t punch out for a year or two. That’s what single people who are in employment and have no financial dependents can do. I rather suspect that this bracket includes a lot of people here, but shall draw a discreet veil over the rest of it.

  26. Daphne for Dummies

    Daphne, Daphne, Daphne no-one on the blog is jealous of you….simply because they don’t yearn for a life tethered to their lap top rehashing 17-year old gossip and a job carrying out character assasinations round the clock.
    Do try to keep to the point – namely that you brought up the Wenzu Mintoff saga nearly two decades after it happened just because he commented (not with personal attacks) on your articles (which are full of needless venom about people’s sex lives – even though you say you’re not interested in them). You brought up the fact about Balzan’s present relationship, which is entirely his business as you are never in the know about what goes on between two people, to get back at him because he (very childishly) called you a witch. Your reaction was over-the-top and needlessly cruel. It’s become your hallmark. You were insinuating that he didnt care very much about his dead wife because he struck up a new relationship soon after. Who are you to judge what is an appropriate mourning period? You are blessed with rude health and so is your family – good for you – there’s no reason to be vicious about people who have suffered because of cancer.

    The remarks about your sexual activity or lack of it were childish as well – the last time we had anhthing of the sort was when you told someone on your blog that he needs a good shag in Testaferrata Street. So not way back in your Fortizza days.
    You want to believe that everybody envies your success. They don’t. They’re disgusted and repelled by the venom, cruelty and bile spewed out on everybody who isnt a Nationalist lickspittle

  27. DCG…the only reason people stay anonymous is because you’d come after them with a hatchet and try to dish up the dirt on their private life and families if they didn’t

    we are certainly not envious…why on earth would I want to be 15 years+ older and a winner in the unpopularity contests for example?

    we have no reason to envy you – you’re not the only one around with what you think is a successful, exciting lifestyle with lots of travel ta

    I like the way you call people ugly when you havent even met them! lol

    says alot about yr analytic abilities

  28. @DCG – why are you insulting people who remain anonymous? there are many people who don’t reveal their name on your blog. Why is it OK there and not OK on other blogs.
    I didnt find any of the above comments made in your regard to be very spiteful (OK, the poem maybe but you also make some silly jokes on your blog – like the Jason peacock photos)
    What really strikes me is that you write about everyone , raking up old conversations and injecting your writing with your one-sided impressions but then you get furious when somebody comments on your outpourings.
    1. You comment about people’s appearance – J Muscat is chubby like a snipped bulldog, A Sant is whatever and then you get hysterical because someone thinks you’re not pretty or you’re not attractive.
    2. You bring up everybody’s sex life and make lots of insinuations about whether they can have children or not, and then get mad when a TV station filmed your son saying “Fuck off”. He was filmed because he was making an ass of himself. If he feels so traumatised about it he should grow up
    with you there are always two weights and two measures

  29. Insinwazzjonijiet

    @ Marku – Ma naqbilx li DCG tipprovdi xi analizi tajba tas-socjeta – forsi kienet taghmel hekk fil-passat. Imma issa intefghet biss fuq il-hmieg u l-hama u l-insinwazzjonijiet. Ma tiprovokax intelletwalment imma sempliciment biex ikollha reazzjoni u iktar qarrejja. U dejjem taghmel insinwazzjonijiet koroh. Hawnhekk hemm dak li kitbet fuq Joseph Muscat meta Karl Chircop kienu ghadu ma mietx u kulhadd kien jaf li Joseph Cuschieri kien ha jaghti l-post tieghu fil-parlament ;”To get that seat, he will have to offer something quite extraordinary in return, or find an absolute sucker to give it to him with his blessing, which is most unlikely. I trust he is not counting on the shocking and deeply upsetting fate that has befallen Karl Chircop to serve as his deus ex machina. That would be quite revolting, and an ominous start to his parliamentary career.”
    Hawnhekk qed tinsinwa li JM qed jistenna lil Chircop imut – veru li tipprova tbengila bil-kliem “I trust he is not counting on….” imma l-botta xorta hemm qieghda

  30. @Jacques

    if u wanna see Montanaro’s Dame Daphne the Defsa

    go to

    tidhakk dahqa zgur 🙂

  31. Daphne Caruana Galizia

    Daphne for Dummies: just go to hell. It’s hard to consider the opinion of somebody who doesn’t even have the balls to reveal his (her?) identity, but I’ll try. In my vast life experience, I have observed that the people who snipe, snitch and bitch at me are rarely good-looking and successful men or happily married women with a career and well-adjusted children. And that’s why I’m most comfortable around successful, well-adjusted people and why my friends and associates come within this category.

    The snipers are almost invariably losers in one of life’s major areas, which means they are bitter, resentful, or envious, or feel inadequate, and choose to direct their negative energy towards a human target that encapsulates all that makes them feel angry about life. If that target is a woman, so much the better, because then the misogynists and the grown-up schoolgirls enter the fray as well. As somebody who has read practically everything ever published in Maltese newspapers for the last 20 years at least, and who watches Super One on a regular basis, I can tell you what the real definition of spite and cruelty is, but somebody like you doesn’t see it, because this particular woman is blocking his/her vision, looming larger than life.

    I’m sorry to have to disappoint you but yes, when successful women in the public eye, who are not politicians and who don’t make policy, are the repeated target of spiteful attacks, then the root cause is almost certainly envy and annoyance at the unfairness of it all. To even out the balance, I would have to break up my family, leave my husband and have sons who are notorious thugs and drop-outs, like another high-profile woman I prefer not to mention, so that people can say: ‘Oh she may be attractive and successful and have a nice life, but jahasra, her personal life is a mess.’

    In other words, people are only happy when you give them a reason to feel that you’re not so damn fortunate after all, that they have something you don’t. There’s very little you can teach me about human psychology. In fact, you are a case in point: you are bitter and resentful towards me, but reluctant to show your identity because revealing it would almost certainly prove my point – that you are a loser in one of life’s major areas, and haven’t been able to adjust psychologically or emotionally to this fact.

    It doesn’t take much to work out that you are quite probably not happy with yourself or with your life as it is going and your achievements. Something, somewhere in your private life or your working life has failed and disappointed you. I recommend a good run and some voluntary work to take your mind off your lost goals. There are others who are worse off than you are. Nobody is entitled to anything and life is unfair. Deal with it.

  32. LOL.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you. There’s jukeboxes that are less predictable … even when you push the right buttons.

  33. @ Davinia

    Seen the vids. Goodish. Still, doesn’t say much about script writing though. It’s one Woody Allen et al quote after another (divorce, marriage, gays). Not very original. Having said that I am sure Montanaro is in his element and enjoying every bit of it.

  34. Daphne for Dummies

    @DCG, you say that the people who snipe, snitch and bitch at you are rarely good-looking and successful men or happily married women with a career and well-adjusted children. How would you know whether they’re happy or not? They may be leading a very contended life not spewing evil venom about people’s private lives at all hours of day and night like you do.
    Even if you are right and the people who snipe and bitch are sad losers and wankers, what does that make you?
    It doesn’t take vast experience or a degree in psychology to see that a woman who is attacking people round the clock must be very unhappy.

  35. @ Jacques Zammit – Sorry for taking up so much of your blog but you write interesting things and you dont delete entries.
    I watched the Fourplay spoof of DCG – it is gentle leg-pulling. It is not very funny but at least Montanaro got something right – DCG hates everyone (there is Defsa 2 and 3 as well).
    What I can’t take is that she says that everyone wants to be her or like her, when they don’t care about that. They just want to answer her when she says evil things about their dear ones. I hate it when she talks about Alfie Rizzo – whatever he did he ended up brutally murdered. Why does she keep on talking about it when his family had nothing to do with it and are probably still hurtying about it? Why is nobody shocked when she speaks like this but everyone pitied her when Jason Micallef said she had an operation in her nose?

  36. Ha naqbez ghal Daphne. Mhux ghax naqbel maghha jew nishon ghaliha bhal dawk il-ferhanin fuq il-blog taghha. Imma ghax Daphne tirapprezenta l-ispirtu Malti. Mela nibdew bil-karatteristici tipici
    1. Mibeghda ghall-ohrajn ( jew tobghod is-suwed jew tobghod tal-Lejber)
    2. Insularita – hemm recession, l-elezzjoni tal Amerka, il-badgit u fiex mohha – il-hajja sesswali tan-nies mejtin
    3. Sens mhux misthoq ta superjorita – kemm il-darba ha tghidilna kemm hi l-ahjar u l-isbah. Qisha Brand Malta meta hawnhekk fossa

    Hemm int – analizi in a nutshell – mhux Oliver Friggieri imma insomma

  37. @DCG. Iss hej, it’s not fair, tell us who the high profile woman is (“To even out the balance, I would have to break up my family, leave my husband and have sons who are notorious thugs and drop-outs, like another high-profile woman I prefer not to mention”). Mela botti biss? Don’t you have the balls to reveal it? Mela even you are a sea cucumber on the slimy sea bed (kliem tieghek).

  38. You know what Daphne was doing 10 years ago? Writing about the bad Labour budget. She wrote an article called “Hitting the poor man” (8.11.1997) and she said how cruel the MLP was to put up the price of water and electricity. She said there were people who couldn’t bake cakes because of this. She forgot about all this now and said that she wishes to vote for Austin Gatt – she listened to him talk when she was eating a sausage roll and felt very good.

  39. @DCG – It is just not true that people envy succesful women and want to rip them apart. Most people, men and women, like people like that. They like Marlene Mizzi (this week there was even a letter in the Times from a Nationalist who supports her). They like Joanna Drake. They like Molly Bordonaro. There are many other succesful women without such a high profile who they admire. I don’t know who you talk to, but I don’t hear people saying that these women are succesful but at least they are less succesful in other aspects of their lives.
    You should realise that not everybody has a hidden agenda or is out to get you – people criticise you because you deserve it. They shouldn’t attack you personally. To say the truth I havent read any comments which are as personal or nasty as those which you made about Wenzu Mintoff or Saviour Balzan. I dont know why you have to write like this

  40. Scandal……

    she could b referring to Gianella who is MUCH more successful than her + lots more attractive, SLIM, stylish, humble, friendly and generally nicer + in a happy relationship, thid ghalina envious ukoll 🙂

    da kollu ghax is subien taghha mhux avukati big deal. nimmaginhom iktar charming mit tifel ta defni anki kieku kienu xi kriminali…li mhumiex zgur ta! 🙂

  41. @Davinia Borg – Issa fhimt. Regghet taqbad ma Gianella (imma ghandikun wiehed mit-tfal taghha sar avukat). Kumbinazzjoni dejjem ma mara izjed popolari u helwa minnha. Dan l-ahhar Pamela Hansen wehlet ma rasha. U qabel Michelle Muscat. U qabel it-tifla ta Leo Brincat. U qabel xi hadd iehor….insejt daqs kemm qabdet ma nies…taghti bad name lil nisa ghax l-irgiel jidejqu f’dawn ix-xenati bejn in-nisa. U iva…halliha tghid ….jekk thossha faqa u hot tghajjar in-nisa populari, heqq m’hemmx taghmel….if that’s how she gets her kicks

  42. Not that DCG needs any one to defend her, but you people really need to get a life! If you find what she does to be so distasteful, why would you want to imitate her?

  43. Daphne for Dummies

    @Marku – we’ll bounce back your remarks – Why do we have to get a life – aren’t you lurking around in the ether posting on DCG’s blog and around here? What everybody finds distasteful is not the way she blogs every two minutes, but that she makes personal and nasty comments which shed no light on anything (except on how unhappy she is).
    There were some silly remarks posted above but no-one mentioned her personal life or her daddy or her mummy or her second cousin three times removed. What do you find so distasteful and which was mentioned here? The way she revealed a confidence which was entrusted to her? The way she insinuates things? The way she insults everybody as jealous when she doeant even know them? The way she keeps on mentioning Alfie Rizzo?
    Daphne thinks she can shut people up by mentioning the skeletons in their cupboard. She gets very angry when people refuse to do this and stand up to her bullying. You can run off and tell her that

  44. Dear D for D: personally, I think that many of the people she gets personal with are only getting their comeuppance. I only wish that Lorry Sant was still around to read her blog!

  45. Daphne for Dummies

    @Marku. Lorry Sant would be very pleased to see Daphne finish off what he started – trying to blackmail and intimidate someone by raking up their relations’ background or actions. Lorry got the pics, Daphne gave out the story. Same style, different medium.
    BTW – what comeuppance does Alfie Rizzo deserve – isn’t he dead enough for you?

  46. Dear D & D: I said “many”, not all, deserve their comeuppance. I have nothing for or against alfie rizzo, whoever he was (I have not lived in Malta for over ten years and am evidently not as attuned to island gossip as I should be). Now if you’ll excuse me it’s still morning where I live and I have more pressing things to do than splitting hairs with you.

  47. Victor Laiviera

    For those who have read the post “This just about says it all, doesn’t it?” on Daphne’s blog, I would like to say the following.

    My email, about which she is making such a song and dance, simply said (I quote verbatim)

    “Do not give her more publicity – have a look here instead



    That was all

    Now I am bering blocked from posting this content and my posts are being changed to say something I DID NOT say.

    In addition, several names have been added
    to the list of emails.

  48. Daphne Caruana Galizia

    You’re a bloody liar, Victor, and a cowardly one, trying to cover your butt with all those people who are cheesed off at you for failing to use the BCC function on Outlook. Just go back and check your comment: it’s there, and you’ve got my explanation beneath. While you were gagging over your computer all day, waiting for your comment to appear, I was in meetings all afternoon. Had I been inclined to add names to your email ‘group’, I would have added some far more exciting ones than those, like a couple of hookers and the cocaine dealer up the road, not dull old Stefan Zrinzo.

  49. Victor Laiviera

    Yes, you posted it after I exposed your ass here, courtesy of Jacques.

    You really are pitiful

    I repeat – some names “have been added”. I did not say you added them, but they were certainly not there when I sent the email.

    Don’t worry – I wont “darken your doors” again.

    Just leave you to your groupthink.

  50. And with this one it’s 50. Comments that is. Cheers to all the elves, the shoemakers and hell, even to those who care about what’s in this blog. J’accuse is back with regular blogging and provocation. Now go to sleep and wake up tomorrow hopefully to a world with Obama at the head of the US.

  51. Daphne Caruana Galizia

    @Victor – Yes, right – when did I last strike you as a woman who plays games? Local councils are organising computer courses for older people. Give them a try.

    @Jacques – 20 years on and they still can’t get enough of me. Is this a record, or what? Glad to be of service in reviving your temporarily comatose blog. Helpful hint: the time settings don’t adjust themselves automatically when we turn the clock back on the last Sunday in October. Yours are one hour ahead of what they should be.

  52. Daphne Caruana Galizia

    Jacques, having read through the pathetic display above, and your evident pride in the fact that it has generated 50 comments while any post you write that isn’t about me generates none, my professional advice is that you should give up blogging altogether and stick to running a support group for envious little bitches and men with small willies. That seems to be where you score the greatest success – no offence meant, of course.

    @David – smart as you are not, you fail to realise that you have proved my point precisely by selecting those particular women as examples of how wrong I am in saying that women must have failed private lives if they are not to become targets of envy and resentment for their public successes. In both cases, something went seriously and dramatically off the rails, but I like and admire them both, am very fond of Dr Drake, and will stop there except to remark that this was actually used against her by her enemies in the MEP campaign. As for Mrs Bordanaro, any anthropology student will tell you that somebody who pops in for a couple of years and disappears forever afterward does not count for the purposes of analysis.

    Just one more thing before I rush off to celebrate the good news this morning and never return here again except to laugh, count my blessings, and thank god I’m not you. Davinia Borg – when people turn out to be signal failures as parents because they have put themselves first, they have failed in the single most important sphere of their life. This failure eclipses all else, and it applies to men as well as women.

    Another point, ‘Davinia’ – people are not born in their 40s, so instead of asking why you would want to be me when you are 15 years younger, trying using your brain and remember this: I too was in my 20s, and when I was, I had a large family, a beautiful home in the country, several dogs, and a salary larger than that of the prime minister for being instrumental in the setting up and launching of Malta’s second English-language newspaper. I think it is a safe bet that the only part of that you can lay claim to is the dogs, if at all. The years go by pretty fast, and the years between 30 and 40 go fastest of all – take care you don’t wake up one day soon to realise that you’re 44 and still a loser.

  53. DCG says “Jacques, having read through the pathetic display above, and your evident pride in the fact that it has generated 50 comments while any post you write that isn’t about me generates none, my professional advice is that you should give up blogging altogether and stick to running a support group for envious little bitches and men with small willies. That seems to be where you score the greatest success – no offence meant, of course.”

    Now now Daffers, don’t run away with the idea that just because I used Barnum’s trick and paraded the weird and the fantastickal in order to boost this blog’s share of elve-tertainment that this blog does not have its block of regular readers.

    I’ve told you once and I will tell you again. I am not into the internet equivalent of schoolboys measuring willies… I don’t compare Hard Talk to Oprah Winfrey and don’t need to.

    No offence but I can hardly take professional advice about blogging from someone who took up blogging as a reaction to the established blogging scene. You see as an established blogger in Malta I know when the discussion is a normal, open discussion fueled by real interest and when it is less of a discussion and more of an “adulator/rabid critic” display.

    You have an answer in your statement Daphne. It is a pathetic display above. [The inverse side of the pathetic display of comments that appear on your blog (in favour or against whatever rant is in vogue) whenever you engage in this kind of slinging game (which unfortunately happens quite often). ]A pathetic display generated by a post reacting to a pathetic display of dirt slinging. Incidentally the post itself was about the Witchcraft Act.

    This blog will go on, thank you very much. Posts that are not pathetic displays/about DCG still generate seven hundred hits or so – the circus acts might generate a bit more …. they always do – but that is an indicator of the sadness of “political” discussion (considering the battle lines in the circus are still drawn along purportedly political faults) in our country if anything.

    Barnum’s has been given an opportunity of a fleeting visit over at J’accuse – the elves as you call them turned out in numbers and you reacted as per usual labels and all. Still, I do not regret the boost – let’s call it an opportunity for light entertainment while I was too busy to blog about anything else.

    Ah, before I forget…. no offence meant, of course.

    This has been j’accuse…. allowing pathetic displays so you don’t have to!

  54. @DCG – You’ve lost me somewhere along the way. You respond to every form of criticism by telling us that you are successful and beautiful and everybody who criticises your rants must have a small willy or be an envious bitch. You deviate from the topic under discussion and bring up irrelevant tpoics/insults. There can’t be any form of sensible discussion with you.

  55. @Victor Laiviera – Victor give up. Stop trying to post things on the idiot’s blog and then come running here when she censors you. Ma tarax li qed tpaxxiha….intkom qatt ma titghallmu. Halliha tghid…mal boloh l-ohra

  56. @DCG. I have a big willy (longer than those of the Laburisti), a lovely wife who earns lots of money and we have two gorgeous well-mannered children who dont pee against neighbours walls, dont do drugs and who dont swear. I have a good job, a large house in the country and 3 dogs.
    I dont have a blog where I repeat this at least once every day. I dont feel I have to – you do though. Why’s that?

  57. Victor Laiviera

    I will, “give up” – I will.

  58. @ Daphne:

    don’t worry, I love my life and dont live with that fear

    for me a so-called ‘loser’ is someone who spends most of their energy insulting and putting-down others in old-fashioned stereotypical ways while glorifying themselves and their amaaaazing laajfstyyyle

  59. Daphne Caruana Galizia has made a career based solely on her ability to be offensive and insulting about anyone and anything which does not take her fancy.

    To the extent that someone has taken the trouble to set up a website solely to catalogue her insults. It takes a strong stomach to view it:


    Now she has taken umbrage and is threatening all sorts of dire consequences, icluding the Cyber Cimes Unit, because – you guessed it – someone has dared to insult her.


    Isn’t it rich?

  60. Once again I apologise to Jacques and the rest for deviating. But I think it is important that these links are disseminated as widely as possible.

    I won’t even try to post them where they should be posted – I know they will be blocked.




  61. We don’t think it’s fair to block Jaccuse with lots of Daphne stuff, so we’re running our own website daphne4dummies.wordpress.com. Have a look.

  62. Pingback: The Diva tells us to go to hell « Daphne4dummies Blog

  63. http://daphnecaruanagalizia.com/?p=1308#comments

    Poor Diva.

    Left on her own with her cauldron on New Year’s Eve. No cocktail parties this year for the foremost columnist of Malta?

    Shock Horror!

  64. Wow, thanks for this little piece of history!

  65. DCG – What apperas here is just not enough. Come on guys and dolls – surely there must some skeletons in some cuboard somehwere – please please please someone hoist her on her own petard..

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