Journa-lists (Lupus in fabulam)


I cant believe hes not a journalist!

I can't believe he's not a journalist!


OCT26 6.34 pm FAUSTO (on J’accuse):


I’ve lost count of the Dj’s and journalists that are making it big in the great landscape of Maltese politics.

Oh, come on. Can you name five?

The greasy pole of electoral success seems to depend very much on access and exposure to a microphone of sorts – I am not convinced that it is a good thing in the long run.

Or, as probably happened in this case and happens often in casual election, success also depends on the position on the ballot paper.

OCT 26 7.23 pm JACQUES (on J’accuse):

1. Robert Musumeci
2. Glenn Beddingfield
3. Clyde Puli
4. Joseph Muscat
5. Dolores Cristina
6. Justyne Caruana
7. Chris Said
8. Luciano Busuttil
9. Chris Cardona


OCT 26 9.16pm FAUSTO (on J’accuse)

Of the list you mention, only Glenn Bedingfield is a journalist. You don’t describe people who did some journalism part-time years ago and who hold other professions as “journalists”.

OCT 30 Daphne CG (on Running Commentary & Indy)

from the article Party Labels and Big Lie Theory: 

Now here is progressive Joe, with experience no greater than that of several years as a Super One journalist and four years as an MEP among many hundreds, giving advice on how to run the country to the people who dragged these islands into not just a semblance of normality but an economic success story after the wreckage left behind by Muscat’s ruddy awful predecessors.

OCT 31 Times Breaking News

Gino Cauchi was elected member of Parliament this morning in a casual election held to fill the seat vacated by the late Karl Chircop. He inherited 54 per cent of Dr Chircop’s votes.


Of course it’s all about the place of his name on the ballot paper. It has absolutely nothing to do with why parties are so adamant to keep a stranglehold on the media and on why more and more lackeys slip through the “journalistic” gap to make a name that will easy be recognised come ballot day. Plus ca change….


8 responses to “Journa-lists (Lupus in fabulam)

  1. issa sa għaxar snin ohra jkollna lil Lou u ‘l Peppi…


    I owned up to the same career path ages ago. We’re a shameless bunch, get over it.

  3. Gino Cauchi is no longer a journalist. He’s in sales these days.

    Btw, would you count yourself as a journalist? Did you do it for name recognition purposes?

  4. @Mark

    … and Harry Vassallo. If I’m not mistaken he covered the Courts for the Times at some point.

  5. @Fausto

    …and your point is?

  6. And did I say anywhere that Bedingfield’s election was “all about the place of his name on the ballot paper”? If you are doctrinaire about what you write don’t assume everyone else is.

  7. @Mark

    … that being a journalist or having been a journalist, contributing to the Times or il-Fuljett tal-Parrocca, might not be the fool-proof way to Parliament it is being made out to be.

  8. You’re forgetting that Harry Vassallo was editor of Alternattiva in th late 1980s/early 1990s. Historically, there was also Herbert Ganado (editor of Lehen is-Sewwa); Enrico Mizzi (Malta); Manwel Dimech (Bandiera Tal-Maltin); not sure if Mabel Strickland would count as a ‘journalist’ but she sure founded a newspaper and dictated its editorial policy for decades.

    Anyway. Being a journalist is clearly not a foolproof ticket to parliament, but judging by the above you can see why so many people seem to think it is.

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