Those religious child abusers


Here’s an interesting one. Atheist author Richard Dawkins (he of “The God Delusion” – best read book last summer in the House of Commons) has commented that describing a child as a Christian Child or Muslim Child is a form of child abuse. For the thickheaded commentators who tend to take certain assertions literally he referred to Christian and Muslim as an example. He means labelling a child with a religion – any religion. According to Dawkins a child is too youg to know about his vision on the cosmos or morality so labelling him with a religion at this early stage would be a form of abuse.

Dawkins explains that teaching a very young child such concepts as terrifying as hell can be a form of abuse. Of course one must bear in mind that this is the same Dawkins whose latest crusade book in the making is an attempt to dismantle what he calls the “Judaeo-Christian Myth”.

“I plan to look at mythical accounts of various things and also the scientific account of the same thing. And the mythical account that I look at will be several different myths, of which the Judeo-Christian one will just be one of many. “And the scientific one will be substantiated, but appeal to children to think for themselves; to look at the evidence. Always look at the evidence.”

Prof Dawkins is targeting children as the audience of his next project because he believes they are being “abused” by being taught about religion at school and labelled Christian, Jewish or Muslim from a young age. (The Guardian)

Brilliant isn’t he? So they are too young to understand the cosmos and morals but not to young to handle Dawkins’ latest treatise. “Hang on Tobias, let go of the PSP and stop playing with your food… Now where were we? Ah yes, dismantling the Christian Myth… so hell does not really exist and limbo was a blip invented by the popes for their own papist reasons (p.s. they were also sodomites but I’ll explain that later).”

That’s rich Rich! These new ideas about “child abuse” smack of someone riding on the concept of political correctness in the 21st century. I mean once we are at it lets also crusade against the bogeyman, the wicked witch and Chiara. “If you don’t eat that food Chiara will eat it for you! ” is just as menacing as “You’ll go to hell and burn if you don’t finish those peas”. The problem is not the devil, the bogeyman or Chiara for all that matters but the use that is made of these images to terrorise kids into submission (they used to call it disciplining once).

What then Rich? A “Choose Your Religion” class at 14? Can you imagine the marketing then? Pick Jesus because he loved for you and died for your sins. Pick the Prophet for he’s got an exclusivity contract with God. Pick the Buddha but don’t kill him if you meet him on the road. For heaven’s sake… isn’t this going a bit too far?

Further reading on the Guardian.


2 responses to “Those religious child abusers

  1. “If you don’t eat that food Chiara will eat it for you! ” … now this is just mean 😛


    I guess it is going a bit too far; but then again it brings out a far more serious argument:

    Indoctrination vs Education.

  2. I thought Dickie Dawkins was way out of his depth when he tackled that subject. He is an evolutionary biologist of distinction, but I think that he should have stuck to what he’s good at.

    If it were a serious and objective work on why God should not exist, then fine. But the puerility and triteness of the arguments offered by the man made me reach for the morphine just be allow me to plod through.

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