In the past, paintings that depicted the annunciation would have the Angel Gabriel holding a white lily, a symbol of purity and chastity. A number of artists from Siena refused to use that flower in the paintings because it was also the emblem of Florence – Siena’s eternal rival. They substituted the lily with an olive branch.

There. now you are fully informed for the next pub quiz!


5 responses to “Lily

  1. Not sure I agree with you that this is pub conversation material (way too deep for me and my circle) but nice one!

  2. Is this your circuitous way of telling us something?

  3. No. Or maybe yes. I don’t know really. But it’s cool isn’t it?

  4. You don’t know? You can find out in Luxembourg, surely. Yes, it’s good. I thought you’d come round in the end.

  5. Getting there. Getting there. Depends on the sunshine.

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