Traumatic Crisis

Morning Brood. Yes, you’ve guessed it. J’accuse is passing through a traumatic crisis. It’s mostly psychological (the trauma) and the irony of this statement will not be lost on close friends. Wikipedia tells me that psychological trauma can put a person in a state of confusion or insecurity. Thank God for the Greek philosophers and their ideas about crisis. Crisis comes from the greek word for decision – to decide, to judge.

Interesting that. All these funky words and what are they telling us? That there is a trauma – something having an impact on our perception of life – and that this precipitates a moment of crisis – decision making. I’ve almost sorted all that out. Which does not mean that J’accuse will be back with a bang before November. It means that my deadline (I’m learning to cope with that word) to be back in full swing is All Hallows Day.

No worries. The irresistible urge to blog (or insanabile cacoethes bloggandi) remains and I am sure you will be seeing a post or more in the next few days. One little note to the comment by “letty” – the Indpendent articles are copied into J’accuse but they are not considered as blog posts. The distinction between the article and the blog post is already there.

So. I’m off to heal the trauma and solve the crisis. My own that is. The world can wait for a few weeks. I mean if Fausto is busy plumbing and listening to Cohen i can have my own moments of Karma can’t I?

I almost forgot. J’accuse has been added to the Online Total Politics Blog Directory. Cheers to Iain Dale.

P.S. Sorry for all those who like me hoped for a new dawn with new labour. Muscat was close to pathetic on Xarabank. Not that Gonzi was much better – adulators of the PM might stop and pause for a minute and remember that once you establish that his sparring partner was more than rubbish then no brownie points go to anyone outshining him. Basically we are back to square one. Unspoilt by no choice. There’s a trauma for you to analyse.


10 responses to “Traumatic Crisis

  1. Ha ha, I see you found the poll button 😛

    cheers for the inde mention of a week ago. But beware, you don’t want to mess with the ‘i’m not a racist we just hate multicoloured people.’ Because they might get really angry and call you a ‘Christian Communist’ (among other, ironically, colourful adjectives)… now that is what I call an oxymoron

  2. morning broody man. does it make so much difference to you whether i post as arlette or as letty? doesn’t everyone on cyberspace know that letty is actually short for arlette and that yes, i’m as lazy in cyberspace as i am in the real world so letty it generally is? if not lett – even shorter!

    anyways, names and nicks apart, i hope the broody phase turns into the brady bunch phase soon enough.

    as for charade-a-bank, i coudn’t stomach much of it but from what i saw, muscat could have done much better. gonzi is not the teflon tony he thinks he is but muscat did not milk it at all. he just let the gonz – who just took approx half the voting population for a ride and is now reaping the dubious rewards – rant on and on, like as though we were still in pre election bullcrap.

    @ fabrizio, what are multicolored people? we’re missing out on them and only seem to be receiving the dark monotone ones in terms of illegal immigrants.

  3. @letty: “does it make so much difference to you whether i post as arlette or as letty?” Erm. No. Couldn’t be arsed actually! Don’t know what made you think it did!

  4. the fact that you put my name in between inverted commas actually. nothing else.

    broody or what? geez!

  5. you know – the ones who are killing our national identity … tradition, culture and what else? oh yes, religion.

  6. Listen to “Hallelujah”. I worked for me. It even worked for Shrek.

  7. Cheer up Jacques. You should take up smoking, it helps.

  8. It’s ponderous me blabbing. Apologies if I turn out to be a pain in the behind when least needed but if I read you well, I will share my own trauma experience that happened in the early 21st 🙂

    Convinced that world leaders where leading the world up the prince’s invisible skirt through barbarian favelas better known as financial centers, myself and a close friend of mine of like mind found ourselves in a maddening quandary that seemed to have no exit.

    We then hit on a bright idea. We decided to experience a maximum low, way beyond any low we did not fear.

    So we became tramps for a few days. St Martin’s in the fields offered the most exquisite tomato soup with croutons and chicken and mash, the church benches made for some deep sleep, Marylebone loos were even more homely than our comfy home-loos…and regent park was the ideal location for mild discussion on the ‘psychological consequence of money; its self-sufficient orientation in which people prefer to be free of dependency leading to reduced requests for help and reduced helpfulness toward others; how people primed with money preferred to play alone, work alone, and put more physical distance between themselves and a new acquaintance’. lol sorry about this but I do chill, promise 🙂

    The experience over, we ditched our employment, sent a healthy donation to St Martin’s, published (2005) the experience so that no one will accuse of being wise after the event, and now offer our technical services free of charge…

    There is nothing to fear…cross my heart 🙂

  9. Black on white: This poll is an exercise in ego boosting

  10. White on black: of course it is

    White on black II: your comment is an exercise in futility


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