Xarabank, Divorce and the Jesus-Freaks

Daphne seems to have read my mind in her article today. Last night I watched the first episode of Xarabank for the new season – yep, might sound a sad way to spend a Saturday night but stomach bugs can be quite sadistic bastards. Anyways – the topic for the show was Divorce and we had the all the usual suspects on the panel. There was a devious Fr Gouder, a pathetic politician from Parliament and a reasonable quasi-parliamentarian. I’d love to know what qualifications the “Family Therapist” really has but the way he spoke sounded as unscientific as can be.

It is hard to comment on the show with hindsight and the main reason that this is so is that all the anger welled up in my throat is hard to express in an orderly fashion. I just have to think of that pathetic (yes second time I used the word) 20 year old girl who stood up proudly to tell Malta’s largest television audience that she is saving herself for after marriage and right now spends her evenings saying the rosary every day. The mad look of fanaticism was there for all to see… as it was in the pathetic couple of baldy and redhead who stood up to remind the world of non-believers that even atheists must abode by God’s recommendations and therefore they are punished to live in a divorce free society for ever more. They must learn to “Become One Body” which must be some jesus-freak euphemism for “having sex”. 

What a pathetic excuse for a debate. There was very little attempt to distinguish the sacred from the profane, the lay from the dogmatic, the legal from the papal bull. The more you watched the more you sank into that depressed feeling that Gift for Life is not a label for a few fanatic mercenaries of the twenty first century but rather an all-engulfing movement. Did Peppi hand-pick all these freaks for his audience or is it a real sample of society? Does Marlene Pullicino eat communists for breakfast? Who the flying flip voted to get her into parliament?

And by the way. Basing myself solely on the Vox Pop with the MP’s, if electing the next government were solely based on the introduction of divorce I would be putting my number one next to a Labour candidate. The nationalist MP’s pussyfooted around the issue like there is no tomorrow.  Why can’t we have 67 Herrera’s who, granted, cannot start an article without plagiarising, but at least got down to the simple reasoning: I am against divorce but I cannot use my vote to oppress other people who are in favour (or need it). Cue back to Fr Gouder whose opinion on the matter should count as much as that of Xummiemu insofar as civil marriage and its dissolution is concerned. Well done to Georg for throwing back the stick of interdett and dnub mejjet. Let’s expose this ridiculous thinking for what it is.

Once again. Will some one please tell me who voted Marlene Pullicino into Parliament? And (this is a rhetorical question) who the flip was she married to to have made the idea of a second marriage such anathema for her? 

As I said. I am seething and unable to see straight even 24 hours after watching the stream. Lord make me an instrument of your peace. Where there are such thickheads give me some time to recover before shooting out a fire and brimstone lecture of the libertarian kind.

This has been j’accuse… advocating for divorce so you don’t have to.


14 responses to “Xarabank, Divorce and the Jesus-Freaks

  1. In your previous blog you hit the nail in its head when you state that ‘We aspire to seem what we are not and it is nigh impossible to engage in a debate that even begins to attempt to discover what we really are about’.

    Now let us take a closer look at how Xarabank leads so-called discussion.

    NP momentu is obviously anti-divorce
    At least 50% of LP MPs are pro-divorce.

    Now how was this opinion represented on the selected panel?

    The anti-divorce NP was represented by a reasonable pro-divorce quasi-parliamentarian

    The pro-divorce LP by an MP in whoes regard you (and I) ask ‘Who the flying flip voted to get her into parliament?’

    Perhaps anyone with a modicum of marketing knowledge may give us an opinion on the political fallout resulting from such line-up.

    What a pathetic excuse for a debate Indeed. (and here i refer to the texture of our National debate on anything remotely relevant to our modus vivendi).

    Anyone for a free one-way ticket to Corfu?

  2. I stopped watching Maltese TV ages ago…It seems that there is just no hope.

    I prefer not to listen to what the so-called “experts” and “representatives of society” have to say because after listening to their pathetic arguments I have this horrible sensation that we are doomed 🙂

  3. Insejt issemmi kemm hi kondixxendenti u pastażuna Pullicino Orlando li tindirizza lil kulħadd bħala ‘ruħi’, ‘binti’, ‘qalb ta’ qalbi’, ‘ħija’ u ‘ħi.

    Naf li qed nistema bħal Daphne, imma jien u nismagħha bdew jinbarmuli l-imsaren.

  4. Mark

    Jekk imsarnek m’humiex mibrumin mur ara tabib.


  5. Fid-dawl tal-ubikwita nawsejanti tal-fenomenu Xarabank, ghandek ghazla:

    Li tara Xarabank u jinbarmulek l-imsaren (sado-mazokizmu)


    Li taghmel ta’ birruhek li Xarabank ma jezistix (illuzjoni)

  6. Inbarmuli aktar mela, Fawst..

  7. it was all very painful to watch.

    Who knew we still had a virgin around.

  8. J’accuse asks (unrhetorically):

    “Will some one please tell me who voted Marlene Pullicino into Parliament?

    Sigmund answers:

    People who think, speak, act and dream like her. People who share her values, prejudices, fears and hopes. People whose stomachs don’t go through the churning motions experienced by Mr. Vella’s bowels. People who will tell her “Kemm tkellimt sew fuq Xarabank il-bierah. ‘Mnalla ghandna nies kuragguzi bhalek f’dal-pajjiz, Marlene ruhi…”

  9. And (this is a rhetorical question) who the flip was she married to to have made the idea of a second marriage such anathema for her?

    Whoever it was certainly didn’t make a second relationship anathema to her.

  10. The end of a marriage is a stressful time for everyone involved. When you’re seeking a Arizona Divorce Lawyer, you want an experienced professional who will

    lighten your load – a divorce attorney who will support you and your family as you navigate these uncertain times.

  11. HAHA that final comment for AZ Divorce Law Firm cracked me up (as they say in the good old US of A).

    Kif qal tajjeb Sigmund, Marlene Pullicino tirrappreżenta l-MAĠĠORANZA tal-Maltin. Aħna li jinbarmulna msarna qegħdin fil-MINORANZA. U ftakarha din.

  12. I find Edward Debono’s offer made in todays edition of the times to be a landmark offer that may see us pull away from our Maltese brand of state-of-the-art mediocrity…of which, X.. is a painful reminder…

  13. J’accuse … taking a blogging brake so you don’t have to.

  14. what’s up Jacques? Why this long silence? Hope all is ok.
    J’accuse……because silence is golden

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