guide to blogosfera I (1)

Xifer Split

Xifer Split


At a time of post-aestival hibernation of thoughts I thought of reviving some memories of the blogosphere Mark I.

Where better to begin than at the edge? “Xifer… il-blog mit-truf” was one of the first to explore the new frontiers of blogging and takes pride of place in this mini-collection of blogs that were – especially because J’accuse also exists thanks to Xifer’s insistence that the undersigned take up blogging.

Wankellectual verging on the intellectual Xifer was a often violent take on life, politics and everything and masochists like J’accuse loved to go get there for regular brow-beating whenever a new subject was afoot. Do not mention wishy-washy or watermelons… aggressive fight club reactions will shoot back at you… but hidden beneath the deep skin of rebellious irreverence is an interesting logic that continued to provoke and helped chaperone the free-thinking world of the maltese blogosphere as we knew it… before the advent of faux bloggeurs that is.

From Morrissey to Floriana Fad to gut splitting cross-sectional analysis of maltese society in a nationalistic but non-conformist way… xifer was that and more…

It was a tough act to follow… and no one has managed to fill that gap… yet. So here’s to Xifer… who whenever he faced a blank wall just blogged one word: “Banana”.


Blogname  – XIFER (il-blog mit-truf)
Blogger – Mark Vella
Blog address: (No longer in use)
Language: Malti

ADDENDUM: Mark writes in and informs J’accuse that Xifer might be on the verge of a comeback – a sort of New Kids on the Blog Comeback Tour … the address for the new Xifer is and will be


2 responses to “guide to blogosfera I (1)

  1. Ha. And what is HIS excuse? Busy assembling Ikea furniture?

  2. done that, Faust…looking for a voice, more likely… 😉

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