I.M. Jack on Monday

Morning Mood

Monday morning kicks off with a phone call Chez J’accuse. It’s UPS or P&T you cannot really tell. My cows are coming home. Cows/bulls number three, four and five of my new collection are about to be delivered so I have to standby at home till deliveryman comes. Pirelli thinker, Hinducow and Night of the Living Dead cow will be with us pronto.

Mac and iPhone

Either it really sucks or I am missing something. I own an iMac G5 purchased in 2004. It’s ebay trading value is now settled around €450 (that’s almost €1500 down from original purchase price). Not being a Mac that is endowed with an intel processor it has its limits to upgrading. It could have been moved up one notch from Leopard, that’s true) but beyond that I am finding that more and more programs are strictly for the new generation of Macs with Intel inside. What that means is that, for example, I cannot upgrade Firefox to version3 because it requires Intel Macs (and Mozilla informs me kindly that Firefox 2.0 will only be updated until mid-December 2008). I cannot also upgrade my iTunes to iTunes 8.0 and will be eternally stuck on iTunes 7.0 should I want to use this Mac G5 for any more time.

Which brings me to the greatest humiliation that a Mac user can suffer. Having purchased the new iPhone 3G I was instructed to connect it to a PC/Mac with iTunes 8.0 running in order to effect the first configuration via iTunes. The shock and horror of being unable to do so on your mac and having to connect your iPhone to a Sony Vaio latop in order for life to be breathed into it cannot be recounted in words. Imagine hot tears running down your cheeks and a welling of the chest as your shaking hands connect the umpteenth wire in your connection and link Apple’s world to Sony’s iTunes compatibility.

There is something cynical about all this. Is Apple telling all its faithful users to dump their pre-Intel computers or else? Is this an early sign of Gates-like cheek? You are now addicted to the Apple… upgrade or fall on the wayside. Not cool. Not cool indeed.

(Disclaimer: As I said, I might be missing something but until now whatever it is seems to be pretty well hidden).

Fortis & Bingley

Fortis as in the Belgian Bank and Bingley as in Bradford and Bingley. Another two financial institutions on the edge of the rocking boat. Nationalisation anyone? Thank God that the last time I had money in a Fortis account was 1999. Last century’s business I guess.

Traffic Fines

The Luxembourg authorities, bearing the usual panache that they devote to these matters, report that they collected €11 million in traffic fines last year. If you want the definition of an anal traffic warden you can go practically anywhere in the world because most of them are very good at “doing their job”. Of course this does not mean that you are not entitled to suspect even so slightly that the World University of Traffic Wardens with A Chip on their Shoulder is hidden somewhere between Uberpallen, Briedel and Esch-Sur-Alzette.

Have a nice week. Musically speaking I would recommend Peter, Bjorn and Paul “Young Folks” which can be purchased online on the iTunes store (even if you have an earlier non-intel compatible version). You can also watch it stream on the vodpod in the right hand column on j’accuse.

This has been j’accuse. Kicking off the week so you don’t have to.


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