Non Sequitur no. 87

Jesus, what a crisis!

Jesus, what a crisis!

Crisis? What Crisis?

Joseph Muscat calls the immigrant situation a “national crisis”. Daphne Caruana Galizia comments on this in her Thursday column on the Malta Independent (and on her blog):

“Joseph Muscat’s Labour Party has seen fit to describe as a national crisis the fact that a few hundred African immigrants are penned behind bars or living in open centres while doing the jobs that no Maltese wants to do. (…) National crises don’t have to be announced by the leader of a political party that is not in government. National crises make themselves felt. Nobody announces their presence. If you have to announce a national crisis, then quite clearly it is not a crisis at all.”

The CFKAB (columnist formerly known as Bocca) has his tuppence worth of thoughts in his own online “blog” on the Times of Malta electronic version. Speaking to his elvish readership he states the following:

“This might come as a bit of a surprise, but from my perspective Joseph Muscat and Michael Falzon are right: Malta has to take a stand against M. Sarkozy’s proposals about illegal immigration and make it clear to the EU that we will not sit idly by and be expected to take more of a burden than we can carry. (…) Now that I’ve surprised everyone by agreeing with the MLP and the AD, I will go a step further and acknowledge that the MLP has shown signs of political maturity by not making overt political capital out of what is, at the end of the day, something of a crisis for the country, though nowhere near as hysterically critical as the revoltingly rabid racists who infest the comments and letters sections of the media wish to have us believe.”

Crisis, no crisis… that is not really a question. Meanwhile the government is busy doing the right thing putting its foot down and will only sign Sarkò’s immigration pact on its conditions. Bravo!


5 responses to “Non Sequitur no. 87

  1. OK, so DCG and ABC are not in agreement.

    What about JRZ? What’s his take? Crisis or not crisis?

  2. It is obvious that these “columnists” who grace us with their pseudo-articles are completely detached from reality. They live in a world of their own and depict themselves as super-moralists. I cordially invite them to hop down from their golden pedestal and join us miserable plebs to get a feel of what really is happening on the field.

    DCG says that a “national crises make themselves felt” and for once she is absolutely right. I invite her to listen to the discussions between common citizens in the streets in order to understand the common sentiment ………….she would soon realise that this is not a national crisis but a catastophe. The masses are deeply concerned about the constant influx of ILLEGAL immigrants, but their woes hit head on contro un muro di omerta`.

    As for ABC, mi fa pena. Una musica sentita troppe volte ……everybody is a racist in his contorted mind. Rumours are he utters “racist” even during his sleep between one bout of snoring and another.

    Yes, Jacques, it is a major crisis. Nobody can deny it.

  3. To have a national crises you need to have a nation :;

  4. Vergognati Danny, veramente senza parole…….

  5. Ma ecco, c’e altro che striscia
    a fior della spera rifatta liscia:
    di erompere non ha virtu’,
    vuol vivere e non sa come;
    se lo guardi si stacca, torna in giu’:
    e’ nato e morto, e non ha avuto un nome.


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