When the gods come down to play VI

Un Capitano... c'e solo un capitano

Solo un capitano

The Old Lady returned to the spotlight of football yesterday night 896 days after her last match in the Champions’ League. The first test was never going to be easy and the opposition provided by Zenit St. Petersburg was tough, obstinate and resilient. The Russians too had their chances and it was thanks to one of the immortals of the Juve line up that the Juve goalpost was not breached. In the end a balanced match needed that “guizzo di fantasia” and who other than Pinturicchio to start the dances? All the anger of 896 days of undeserved purgatory was unleashed in a wonderful shot that first flew up into the Turin sky and then effected a magic curl dipping quickly down behind the hapless Zenit keeper.

The Juve game was still not the overpowering, all winning style that supporters expect but they bagged the three points, they broke their duck once again and are on track for a new adventure that might lead them to a familiar playground in Rome come the end of the competition. Besides that… the gods are back to play and they seem to be enjoying the fun!

Un capitano… c’è solo un capitaaaaaaaano!


2 responses to “When the gods come down to play VI

  1. Great spirit, great comeback, devilishly good Del Piero. But why spoil it with “All the anger of 896 days of undeserved purgatory”? Even the MLP is admitting its mistakes and gaffes these days…surely Giu(ve) can to?

    And yes, before you point it out, Roma is really Rometta this time round! Painful stuff!

  2. Let’s point it out again. It’s a point of perspective… UNDESERVED PURGATORY… because if we deserved to be out so did everyone else… and that is undeniable.

    Rigetta not Rometta (another perspective) are currently battling it out with Milan Football and Cricket Club for the permio simpatia… another perspective there – tre palloni d’oro e undici coglioni!

    Macche Zebra… io metterei la Fenice!

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